the perfect father’s (or mother’s, or sister’s,or friend’s, or VOX acquaintances) day gift

from the tasty folks at Zingerman's

Powered by Pork Bacon Gift

Powered by Pork Bacon Gift

For those of us who believe almost everything is better with bacon.

Most of us are used to seeing and eating bacon in neat slices – rashers, as a Brit might call them – on the side of breakfast, in a BLT, you know. But that only scratches the surface of the power of bacon. Its uses are so much broader and tastier. In fact, the deeper you dig into American cooking, the more bacon you find. It’s been the backbone fat of our country’s cooking for hundreds of years, like olive oil in the Mediterranean. Think about all this history your stomach is missing!

Our Powered by Pork bacon gift box is filled with almost three lbs of our four favorite bacons, including Nueske's Wisconsin Applewood, Arkansas Long Pepper, Broadbent Kentucky Dry-cured and Edward's Virginia Dry-cured. We’ll also include a couple bonuses: Mo's Bacon & Chocolate bar from Vosges and a one page bacon manifesto,* proposing a dozen recipes for this stellar cut of pork. Gift packed in a canvas Zingerman's tote.

Ships frozen. Requies One Business Day overnight delivery.

G-PBP Powered by Pork Bacon Gift $90.00

if this is to be a Father's day gift, here's a suggested mode of serving:

* for your convenience, below is the the Bacon Manifesto. (available here)

Bacon Manifesto

10 Things to Do with a Great Ingredient

Featured in Zingerman’s Powered by Pork Gift Box


1. Cooked, Alone

There’s the classic way to do it, in a heavy cast iron skillet over low heat. The benefit here is that you can save the fat and strain it before it cools and hardens. Use it in another dish.

Another way: on parchment on a baking tray, in a 450 degree oven for 7-10 minutes. Clean up is easy.


2. Mrs. Seely’s Oysters in a Bacon Blanket

“Clean and season some nice large oysters with salt and pepper. Wrap each oyster in a slice of thin bacon, pinning it with a toothpick. Cook them until the bacon is crisp.” – Mrs Seely’s Cook Book, 1902


3. Jeff Koeze’s PB & Bacon Slices

Jeff Koeze’s family have made Koeze Peanut Butter in Grand Rapids, Michigan for almost a century. He likes to spread peanut butter on small pieces of toast and top with cooked, crumbled bacon bits.


4. Dates & Bacon *

Wrap a date with bacon and roast in a 450 degree oven until the bacon is done, about 10 minutes. Not awesome enough, you say? Stuff a sliver of Parmigiano-Reggiano in the date, just where its pit used to sit. It’ll melt in your mouth.


5. Pickle & Bacon Sandwiches

Finely chop pickles & cooked bacon. Mix with mayo and a little black pepper. Spread on white bread with the crusts cut off. Eat at high tea with a splash of bourbon in your cup. – Burke's Complete Cocktail and Tastybite Recipes, 1941


6. With Vegetables

Cut bacon into bits and cook with green beans, asparagus or something like that. The size of the bacon bit and vegetable is up to you, though you may want to blanch the vegetable for a minute before you cook it. Really good when the bacon gets crispy and the vegetables get brown-black.


Double the bacon in your BLT. Try two slices peppered bacon, two slices plain per sandwich. Works great when you add extras like avocado, chile peppers, or slices of good Dutch Gouda.


8. Wilted Salad *

Fry some bits of bacon. Remove them and toss sliced scallions into the pan. Cook for a bit, then add a spoon or two of vinegar, some sugar, a bit of salt. Boil it for a bit, then pour the warm sauce over the greens of your choice (the heartier the better, arugula and dandelions are great). Top with the cooked bacon bits and some freshly-ground Tellicherry pepper. Serve warm.


9. Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dog

A Baja Mexico street food specialty. Clothe a frankfurter in bacon, pinning the two together with toothpicks. Bake at 450 in the oven for 10 minutes. Top with mustard, ketchup, sour cream and freshly-roasted chiles (jalapeños are good.)


10. Carolina Red Rice

Boil a cup of salted chicken broth and a cup of  freshly-squeezed tomato juice. Fry a half pound of bacon in a stock pot. Remove it and use the grease to caramelize a small, chopped onion. Meanwhile, Add some washed Carolina Gold Rice and sauté until the grains are shiny. Stir in some chopped tomatoes and cook another minute or so. Finally, add the boiling broth and tomato juice. Cook covered on low for 10 minutes, then 10 more minutes off the heat. Add a bit of salt and freshly-ground pepper, fluff with a fork and eat. Have the bacon on the side.


* Full recipes for these dishes at


We love new ideas, especially when they’re about bacon.
If you have an interesting recipe that’s Powered by Pork, feel free to email it to  me at

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25 thoughts on “the perfect father’s (or mother’s, or sister’s,or friend’s, or VOX acquaintances) day gift

  1. i love zingerman's! you must be a michigander then?
    i went to UofM in AA for undergrad, and i'm active in the alumni association here in FL. we always order from zingerman's for our alumni club holiday party — and from cottage inn (they overnight the pizzas!). it's always a big hit!

  2. Roboco, I am sadly, not a Michigander. or Michigeese. just a sucker for good food. not that I can afford Zingerman's-by-mail with any regularity, but their catalog is pure (food) porn.if I'm in Florida around the time of your alumni party, I'm totally crashing it.

  3. Question from my coworker: "Don't you have to cook the bacon bra before serving? Are you supposed to lie out in the sun first?"

  4. you should definitely crash the party! we're the South Florida club (Miami/Ft Lauderdale), so if you make it this far south, you MUST come to the party.

  5. IG, I'd like to believe the body heat of the bacon-bra-wearer should bring the bacon to an edible state. and if not, it can be saved for…laterRoboco, I will!

  6. Personally, I can dispense with the dates, peanut butter and such, which are superfluous. They are mere tokens of one's restraint, when all you really want is a way to get the bacon to your mouth. My preference is fingers and slow small bites.

  7. I feel so conflicted about the baconbra. You see, I happen to be a big fan of breasts. At the same time, though, I am disgusted by pigs and pig-related food products. I feel like Alex and the end of A Clockwork Orange. I want to reach out and grab the baconbra, but I feel like I'm gonna vomit.

  8. that is a serious quandary, well-worthy of conflict.I'm stumped as to I can do is suggest you back out of this thread.

  9. Thanks — I can almost take credit for that. I thought it up completely out of the random blue the other night, right before bed, and shared it with everyone at home who was still awake, in hopes of inspiring surreal dreams. (They were not effusively grateful, but oh well.) Next morning, though, when I Googled it, turns out it's already been done. For real.(this doesn't actually count)

  10. Well, at least the flickr girl left hers in the wrapper…
    All this talk of bacon corrupted me. I had to go to Wendy's for lunch, to have the Baconator.

  11. LMAO!!!Oh my gosh….the bacini is hilarious!!!You know, I believe I have at least tripled my bacon consumption since beginning to Vox two years ago. I believe it's because of the constant power of suggestion around here, and I am VERY grateful for it! :DDDDDD

  12. LOL @ wrapping your date in bacon!!!Heck, if you've got that much bacon…forget the date!!! Just pig out! ;D

  13. Mariser, this post gives me hope for humanity. Bacon, truly, deserves more credit that it will ever be given. Thank you for your diligent, steadfast coverage of bacon related issues.

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