earthquake? or frisky cats?

9 thoughts on “earthquake? or frisky cats?

  1. jaypo, webcam can't be tired… it crashes at least once a day.laurie, you have to figure out a way of working cavalanche into your novels. it's brilliantlauri, yep. I'm going to have to send the Ministry of Love goons after them.

  2. I can't take credit for inventing "cavalanche" — it came from some friends of mine, but yes, I should use it. There's a cat in the current novel, so there should be an opportunity.It's especially good for referring to the thundering herd noise one or more of them make tearing down the stairs at the sound of a can opener in the kitchen, or while chasing each other.

  3. oh noes!I just checked the catcam and it looks like there's a giant hairy spider-leg on the right of the screen. Just a warning…

  4. heh. I think that's a plant. looks kind of hairy, no?[looks closely]it does look *a lot* like a spider leg. thanks for the warning, littlem!

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