always had a fondness for tilting at windmills

and Dennis Kucinich appears to share it.

take four minutes of your day to watch DK introduce 35 articles of impeachment against President Bush

I realize there is no chance of this impeachment happening, and I am in general, not fond of symbolic gestures. but I will make an exception for this one if only because it will enter into the official record several of the disgraceful actions of this administration, especially the (lack of) response to hurricane Katrina and its aftermath

edit @10:20 June 11, 2008:  many, many props to my neighbor, michellemybelle, whose post about the articles of impeachment was how I found it about them.
edit @20:53 June 11, 2008:  this post  in slashdot includes a link to a .pdf of the 35 articles of impeachment.

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15 thoughts on “always had a fondness for tilting at windmills

  1. Wow…we don't get C-span here so I wasn't able to catch any of this. How long did it take him to go through the 35 articles?

  2. I don't know what time he started, but he finished up a bit after midnight.

    Also, I realized that McClellan is testifying in front of the judiciary committee – maybe the Senate can influence the House…

  3. …even though you're right, even though Kucinich is a wackjob who can't be taken seriously by anyone, even though Dubya's down to (nearly) lame-duck status, etc. ad infinitum

  4. It's refreshing to see someone make an effort to show some testicular fortitude in Congress without backpedaling, softsoaping or apologizing.

  5. I'm glad we can always count on good old Dennis to shout this shit from the rooftops. I'm so grateful he ran for Prez the last two times. He at least was able to bring certain issues to the spotlight that the other candidates would rather ignore.

  6. I had a bittersweet thought last night: were your late, lamented, missed, Senator still around, he'd have joined Kucininch.(I like to dream)

  7. I see this as having the possibility of being more than a merely symbolic gesture. That is, I have no hope that Bush will ever be impeached, but what I do have some hope for: that the next president will pre-emptively pardon Bush for the items listed in the articles of impeachment. Because at least a pardon would be a public acknowledgment that Bush committed those crimes.

  8. I really enjoyed the Democratic debates back when Kucinich was still running. He may be diminutive, but the guy's got cajones!

  9. …and then there's cojones locos.cheekymonkey, I enjoyed the debates much more with DK too. he came to my town in 2004 and he was electrifying. badly dressed, and short, yes. electrifying none-the-less

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