CSA week 5 – June 13 2008

I think week 5 is green week

romaine and curly green-leaf lettuces, basil, broccoli, spinach, sugar snap peas

this week's star turn is Steven Elizabeth's

yes, he eats broccoli. and munches on lettuce leaves. but what he truly goes insane for are green beans.
should be fun later in the summer.

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4 thoughts on “CSA week 5 – June 13 2008

  1. Previous kitteh liked broccoli, but he preferred it cooked. Cooked with some sort of sauce on it (any sort), he lurved.

  2. What pretty eyes Steven Elizabeth has. But I was also a little amazed at seeing him going for the greens. All of my cats have eaten grass (and yakked it up all over the carpet 20 minutes later) but never veggies. Of course, I never thought of offering it to Eliza. Maybe I'll experiment, though I don't have anything that looks as good as what you have on your table.

  3. I believe that if you actually feed them they won't have to go veggi lovers :S

    Hehehe, JK!! We all know yer cats might even be spoiled :P

    By the way, I use to take a look at them at the webcam from time to time!

    Take care!


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