open letter to the [culture is good] editor(s)

thanks for acknowledging George Carlin's death on today [cig]:

[culture is good]

City burning

From H. P. L.

Remembering George Carlin
In memory of George Carin, who passed away on Sunday at the age of 71, Happy Hacker shares his favorite George Carlin quotes, as well as some of his favorite performances.

Author Profile | Mary Gaitskill
Jodi writes about her favorite author, Mary Gaitskill, and how her writing is dark, yet hopeful. Find out what else she likes about the American author and follow her link to watch one of Gaitskill's recent readings.

Theater Review | The Ark
H.P.L. shares pictures from a Polish ensemble's "mind-blowing" performance in a football field using fire and iron as the main elements.


however, I can't help but to think that you are not too familiar with George Carlin's work.  the man hated euphemisms. passionately.  he wouldn't hate anything more than his death being described as "passed away".   he would have ranted and raved and insisted that he was "dead, motherfucker. dead.  none of this ridiculous "passed away" shit"
this is secondary, but please correct the spelling in the item.  it is not "Carin" it is "Carlin".  yes, you did get it correct on the heading, and is probably a typo, but it is setting my teeth on edge.


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7 thoughts on “open letter to the [culture is good] editor(s)

  1. Craig Ferguson paid homage last night, talking about George's nature. Then he said, "Rest in peace, you crazy motherf**ker." I think Carlin would've loved that, certainly more than "passed away."
    (I hate censoring myself–I'm on a public courthouse computer.)

  2. I love to listen to George Carlin's older work (from the 60's/70's). It definitely had an appeal to me, and it opened your eyes into a more humorous side of looking at life. It annoys me that the 'Seven Words' skit is what he's remembered for. For me, it was how he commented on words that we use in everyday life. Why are airports called 'terminals'? Sounds kind of final. He hated 'pre-boarding' a plane… and I think that's where I get my annoyance at people overusing prefixes like that. Pre-brief…. isn't that just another brief? He would always make humorous introductions 'Hi, I'm back, a little older, may hair is a little longer. It's the same hair, just on the outside now.'He got very cynical as the years rolled by, but he still held onto that observant way. The last time I saw him in any role or on tv was when I rented 'Jersey Girl'. Not a bad movie and definitely a fitting role for him.

  3. I still use some of the old lines in my day to day life.
    When someone puts a jug of milk in the fridge almost empty: "Not enough to drink, better put that back!"
    From the Fussy Eater bit: "How do you know you don't like it if you've never tried it?" "It came to me in a dream."
    And my condo is really just "a place for my stuff".
    RIP, George. Thanks for the laughs.

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