occasional movie review – El Cantante (2007)

this should have been a better movie. it could have been about New York's "Nuyoricans", their cultural and musical impact. it could have been about Hector Lavoe and Willie Colon and how they revolutionized the Caribbean traditional "son".  
instead, El Cantante has no theme, no plot.  in the surface is a recollection of the great salsa singer Hector Lavoe, by his widow, Puchi (played by Jennifer Lopez) and told in flashbacks.  what results is a whole lot of Lopez as Puchi screaming and emoting while managing dozens of wardrobe changes and as many hairstyles.  in between we get to see Lavoe (played by Marc Anthony) perform several of his hits, solo and as part of Fania All-Stars.  Anthony is a highly accomplished salsa singer, but he puts aside his personal style to channel Lavoe and succeeds.
the movie does have some (unintended) hilarious moments:  Puchi, even though born in NY, speaks with a thick Spanish accent at the (chronological) beginning of the film; this accent disappears during the mid-part, only to return with a vengeance as the old Puchi reminisces.   in one of many scenes showing Lavoe's increasing drug use, we are told that Lavoe's  bandleader, Willy Colon, can "shoot heroin, but you know, manage it".  as if.
the movie is worth watching it for Anthony's musical performance. 

a couple of songs from the movie:

and some tunes by Hector Lavoe:

04-El Cantante
Hector Lavoe

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Michelle and Barack Obama on the cover of the New Yorker

am I the only person who found it funny?

Michelle look particularly fetching in her Angela Davis getup.

I am surprised that what is obviously a joke/satire has gotten so much coverage from the chattering class.  and outrage from the Obama camp.

much of the expressed outrage about the the "tasteless" and "offensive" cover is along the lines of "oh, we get the joke – we worry about "them" – them ignorant fly-over-country bitter rednecks – they are going to think this is an actual portrait"

this is a political cartoon and cartooning has a long history of being mocking and satirical; I think that those moaning and complaining are discounting the ability of the reading public to get a joke

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Sex Killer : : Psycho killer – Calliope No.8

I could not wait to get home and post "Psycho Killer", Calliope No.8

bonus"Psycho Killer" from the 1980 concert in Rome. featuring Adrian Belew on the guitar

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truly, truly scary…

playing around with the face transformer at St. Andrews University
pic is my profile pic –

weird looking bebeh – for some reason I am reminded of Karl Rove.   le ick

'masculinized' I look like my dad even more. not sure why it is darker

drunk – makes me queasy.  at least I seem a happy drunk

I like this one – been Modigliani-ed.  very grandmotherly

and manga-ed

play along.   upload your pic at the St. Andrews university face transformer

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fuck me, this is hilarious – the iPocalypse is here

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I used to worry about Flint…

… but I won't anymore.  they must have solved all the other problems if the police department is now worrying about saggy pants


the police department graphical design unit even had time to explain the new enforcement rules visually:

I did not know the Blue Man group originated in Flint.   very nice detail on the boxers.

(Detroit Free Press via Gawker)

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