I used to worry about Flint…

… but I won't anymore.  they must have solved all the other problems if the police department is now worrying about saggy pants


the police department graphical design unit even had time to explain the new enforcement rules visually:

I did not know the Blue Man group originated in Flint.   very nice detail on the boxers.

(Detroit Free Press via Gawker)

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14 thoughts on “I used to worry about Flint…

  1. Flint has a lot more problems than sagging pants. But considering it's a city of urban blight, they don't need to make the views worse by looking at boxer shorts.

  2. Well, it's about time they cracked down on unnecessary displays of undergarments. It doesn't even make any sense. Have you ever tried to run from the cops with your pants down by your knees? It's impossible. You'll trip and make a fool of yourself.

  3. I liken this to the 'broken windows' theory – once a neighborhood starts to look rundown, crime will follow. Also, graffiti in a neighborhood will drop home prices by 15% (just heard that in our local news today).
    Crime and desperation are rampant in Flint. It's really sad. Is this the right way to go about it and the best use of law enforcement resources?
    I can't say yes or no, but I have to think seeing a bunch of gang kids – or kids who want to look like gang kids – can't help keep the saggy drawer-ed crowd from being anything but low-ambitioned. And that isn't going to help anybody make their lives better or the city a safer place.

  4. Since when does a citation for saggy pants involve a pat-down as well? I should think the fact of wearing your jeans around your knees indicates you are not packing heat in your waistband. That looks like an illegal search to me.Also, nice buns on the blue man in the diagram.

  5. Since when does a citation for saggy pants involve a pat-down as well?DING DING DING It's TOTALLY an excuse to justify illegal searches. That's all this is. Great post, Mariser. I hadn't heard about this yet!

  6. Do the illegal pat-downs apply to women showing their thongs as well? Or do the Flint cops consider that to be "neighbourhood beautification"?

  7. the small college where I work is an HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities). we get many students from Detroit, Flint, Indianapolis, Chicago, and so on. some students end up here because of parents desperate to get them out of their environs and into a 'safer' community.baggy pants, doorags, and other acoutrements of sartorial splendor are in open view here; I don't much notice and definitely don't care.

  8. Well I guess Flint has also solved all their plumbing problems. I don't see how you can have plumbers with the 3rd pic being enforced

  9. Does anyone realize how hard it is to run with your pants around your ankles? I mean, if you've done, you'd know…………..

  10. While I agree the showing of butts should be discouraged except for the very buff few, if they wanna shuffle around with their undies showing, fine. It does make miscreants a whole lot easier to catch.And it better count for thongs too, since the % of women who wear thongs who shouldn't is way higher than the % of men who show butt that shouldn't."Keep Flint Beautiful — Cover Your Ass!"

  11. What about all the octogenarians that have their pants up above their belly buttons? I think that looks equally as bad! Who's giving them pat-downs?

  12. Well I take the unpopular view that the lower your pants hang down off your a** the stupider you look …. I also wonder how many of them will end up with back injuries from walking weired to keep the pants from falling all the way down… and as far as illegal search… Ummm well if you choose to advertise that you are gang affiliated by dressing like an idiot then yeah I think the cops should be patting you down! all that aside..we could just start chanting at them when ever we see one I see London I see France I see some ones UnderpantsThey might be yellow they might be brown but boy do they stink…Of course this might get you shanked!.

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