Vox Hunt: But $300 Can Buy…

Show us a better way to spend $300 than on the iPhone 3G.

NOTE:  images via GIS with moderate search ON
can't emphasize that enough.

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8 thoughts on “Vox Hunt: But $300 Can Buy…

  1. What do hookers go for these days? What do you get with/from a hooker for $300? I have no idea what the fair market value is.

  2. But how much T&C does $300 get? I suppose it's a supply and demand question – not to mention quality of goods and services. Hmm…

  3. You should definitely make this a research project, Amy. And hey! You have at least 30 Vox neighbors, right? 60?
    Each one of us will mail you $10, and then you report back on your findings. Deal?

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