Nick Cave, Nick Cave, Nick Cave, Nick Cave….

…in Philly, October 7th.  I couldn't be any more stoked. 

a musical genius and a styling sonofabitch.  plus an answer to one of the age-old questions: what to do when your hair starts thinning on top?   grow a porntastic mustache.  hell to the yeah.

Nicky and the Bad Seeds are touring behind "Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!".  here's the video for that song

sadly he is not touring with Grinderman, his recent side project.  I've been watching the videos on YT and lmho.  cute animals doing not-so-cute things and Nick handling an ax.  plus already-mentioned porntastic mustache.

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jellyfishes, jellyfishes, jellyfishes

I <3 jellies.  probably because I never been stung.   <——–  I just jinxed meself here.
so weightless, slowly drifting.

some jelly pics from the Boston Aquarium
these are from a large mixed-species tank at the entrance of the exhibit. it had a control to change the light colors, thus jellies in day-glo colors

a reminder to peeps:  our Boston photostream is at flickr.  "face" pics are private, send a PM to be added to contact list

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