2, 5, 2

2 of us
5 fellow passengers
2 flight crew


9 living bodies in a plane designed for 59.

a bit of a surreal experience.

got lots of peanuts. 

I'm sure the flight would have been cancelled except that it was the last flight of the day to Lexington.

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8 thoughts on “2, 5, 2

  1. I love me an almost fully vacant plane. Room to stretch out across 2 or 3 seats! It's only happened to me once on a flight from Detroit to Philadelphia.

  2. heh. I had it happen to me before, but it's been a long time. airlines are usually very good at the whole packing like sardines bit.could only stretch over 2 seats, though – the plane was one of those 2+1 seats dealio.

  3. How lucky is that?? Did you have to ask for more peanuts or were they feeling extra generous in all that space?

  4. The extra peanuts were the idea of the fight attendant. was indeed a bit surreal as since the plane was so lightly loaded the captain didn't want the passengers toward the front. bluegrass airport wouldn't even get the jetway out for us. made us walk across the tarmac. still its always beautiful flying into lexington late at night. the pilot does a slow decent into the airport and flies for quite abit at low altitude. mariser recognized lexington before I did. I thought we were farther north.

  5. I have only had this happen once and let me say it was not that empty but it was luxurious feeling.

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