it’s raining men (III)

IMGP5360, originally uploaded by Lord Mariser.

it's raining men…
at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts

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4 thoughts on “it’s raining men (III)

  1. That's very cool. I wonder if, after 9/11, people tried to get it taken down, because it made them think of the falling people.

  2. oh, I never even thought about 9/11… I didn't see the installation info – don't even know who the artist(s) were or when was it installed. I guess it doesn't show very well on these pics, but IRL the feeling they evoke is exhilarating: more like flying or jumping into something wondrous than falling

  3. Ah yes, this guy looks familiar to me. I never saw him from that angle, though. If I remember correctly, I was eating in the museum cafe and saw him overhead. I like your sideview shots. Very cool.

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