what does it mean?

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really. I have no idea.

location: near Quincy market in Boston

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10 thoughts on “what does it mean?

  1. I love that shirt, and the ironic "no left turn" sign with the "left turning" Obama. I'm not a McCain fan either, but good snarkiness pleases me, regardless of the target.

  2. If I wore that shirt to work, I would get seriously beaten. The Obama supporters there are convinced their man represents the last hope for good over evil.I'm an Obama supporter from the very start, btw, but come on! If we can't make jokes about him once in awhile, then we really have lost already.

  3. heh. I think I know what you mean – about people that cannot abide anyone to make light (or Goddess forbid) criticize their man, and that we have to be able to make jokes/have fun. which reminds me: he picked Biden? how very… political of Obama.I think the shirt Val linked-to above expresses my feelings perfectly

  4. Yah, I heard the news. How depressing. I think I'm going to order that shirt, and see how many people go after me. Or maybe it would be safer to order the bumper sticker, since my car is a piece of crap anyway. You could take a sledgehammer to it and it wouldn't look any worst.

  5. Obama is looking up at the no-left-turn-arrow….wondering did I do the right thing….am I going the right direction….after all, I can't even turn left here…..so am I just stuck with my decision…I don't tend to be indecisive…wait, that's what I have Michelle for…to make all the hard decisions.
    When a decision's to be made….the sure thing….ask a woman…

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