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for those of us who are following the Republican VP-sweeps, here is a blog to add to your reader:  Mudflats: traipsing through the muck of Alaskan politics.  Mudflats is written by "a concerned Alaskan citizen", and provides much background on the ongoing "-gates"  (Babygate, Troopergate, Bookgate, etc.).   click here for everything about Sarah

the blog started back in May 2008 as an overview and ongoing look at the clusterfuck that is Alaskan politics, at the local, state, and federal levels.  make no doubt, in politics, as in many other things, Alaska marches to a different beat.  the coverage of Gov. Palin has dwarfed other subjects since her nomination as Republican VP last week.

beautiful downtown Wasilla

from the post, What is McCain thinking?

Caribou Barbie  via CollegeOTR

Comes with everything you see here:  Dead caribou, M-16, snowmobile,
 sexy librarian glasses.  She even talks with such phrases as: “I’m a pit bull with lipstick!”
“My family is off-limits” and “What is it that the VP actually does?”

and the latest rumor, that after a few days cramming on foreign policy, etc. Palin is getting ready to give her first interview

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9 thoughts on “one where I pimp for a blog not my own

  1. Oh, this is too good. Farfaraway has nicknamed Palin "NRA Barbie", so this is poifect! Can't wait to see how she performs in an interview with a real journalist. Can she even find Syria on a map? I am half expecting a performance akin to that Miss South Carolina contestant babbling on about Russia…

  2. Thanks for the links, mariser — I'll definately check them out. I sent them to my daughter, too, as just last week she said about being confused about the candidates and what's happening.

  3. My In-Laws (Irish) presently are visiting Alaska for 2 weeks. I'm imagining (yee hee hee) sorry, …my MIL (go up one octave) ho my, …interviewing Ms. Palin (silent laughter, gasping) oh help….

  4. I like what BA said about Miss South Carolina and such and so forth. I just gave Kevin Barack and McCain action figures for his birthday and hope he makes an animated video with some smarmy, smug Lefty Liberal statements with them. Perhaps a Deathmatch between them. Her church is having a big ex-gay conferance to drive the gay away. Let us pray. We will both use your links and I am certain I will advance a few levels on the Secret Service watch list. When Kevin flies to San Jose in December we aren't certain he will be able to get boarding passes.

  5. Oh crap, when I went to church 15 years ago our church had one of those "don't be gay anymore" rallies. Sad. These links will be great, mariser! Thanks!

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