where I watch what voxer friends have watched – The Proposition

a while back voxer cp wrote a great review about the Australian movie The Proposition.  it was interesting so I added The Proposition    to the Netflix queue.  it was well worth it.  great, great movie. it somehow had skipped my radar and I'm very thankful cp brought it to our attention.

now y'all need to go watch it.  here's a list of reasons why.

– screenplay by Nick Cave.  damn!  love me some Nick.  what a brilliant fuck he is.
– starring Guy Pierce.  who is teh awesome and not in movies as often as he should

– soundtrack by same Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, a fellow Bad Seed.  – as cp discussed in her review, this soundtrack is one of the reasons the movie leaves such an impression.  it works with the movie without getting into the all-so-common manipulative oh, the music slowed down, something bad is about to happen… teh SO is convinced that one of the soundtrack's main themes, a very simple, four- or five-note air is an Appalachian traditional.  which it could very well be as Appalachia and Australia were both settled by Scoth-Irish folk.
– characters in this movie are dirty, dirty, frelling-sweat-over-dirt-and-dirt-over-sweat-for-weeks dirty.  very realistic. and the teeth?  guh.
– John Hurt has a small part (more like an extended cameo), but I'd dare anyone to take her eyes of him for the duration.  fantastic.
– this movie has the most striking visual I have ever seen; I was left breathless when I first saw it.  I didn't want to stop and rewind, but the moment the movie was over, I watched the entire movie again.  and when it got to that particular scene I was left breathless again.
– Ray Winstone's performance was very affecting.  there is something about his eyes that's reminiscent of a horse, or better, a bull .  at times it felt like he was going to lower his head and charge.
– Emily Watson, as Winstone's character wife, was an inspired bit of casting; her eyes and high forehead are almost a bit bovine…reminiscent of Holbein's portraits.

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7 thoughts on “where I watch what voxer friends have watched – The Proposition

  1. Wow.I, too, wrote this down whilst in Boston, cuz cp was talking about it so highly. Now I really HAVE to see it as soon as possible. This house is very anti-movie watching cuz hubby watches tv constantly, I read books constantly and anytime we even start a movie four dogs go into Tugowar mode. Sigh. I'll need to get a motel room just to be left in quiet long enough to watch it and really appreciate it.Thanks for a terrificly inspiring review!

  2. the dirt and the flies…ewwwwww.
    Emily Watson had a gorgeous wardrobe. She (Martha) was so totally out of place in that landscape, she was the only clean, bright thing in the movie, all fenced in with her roses, out in the middle of the desert.
    I think Warren Ellis is the Seed who plays the violin I so love? that violin better be there on the 7th of next month. woot less than a month now!
    I was looking at some very "meh" reviews about this movie last week or so, whenever was the last time I watched this movie (which is like the 3rd or 4th time in a couple months.)

  3. …she was the only clean, bright thing in the movie, all fenced in with her roses, out in the middle of the desert.what a lovely image. her and Mykie.

  4. Oh you know, I don't think I'd actually finished my thought and I hit post anyway, and didn't even realize it…
    I read some meh reviews and was kind of surprised at all the meh-ness. I think Roger Ebert gave it thumbs up but some of the other ones…some were just internet magazine type reviews, some were newspaper reviews on the net, but not really a whole lot of raves, but there's no accounting for taste in this country, eh?
    Only thing I would add would be John Hillcoat, director, who did an awesome job and really did a lot of research because he wanted authenticity. the cast was saying how every day they'd just get pages and pages of research he wanted them to read.

  5. It is a fantastic movie. Grim, unrelenting, merciless, but beautiful. It's got that same thing as a Cormac McCarthy novel: as much as you want to say "Naah, that's exagerrated" you keep on realizing how utterly real it is.
    I'm a recovering desert rat, and I find all the desert scenery in the movie to be just as interesting a"character" as any of the humans. Same kind of thing i got from "Easy Rider'.
    Yes, good choice.

  6. I probably wouldn't be interested in seeing it, because I just don't care for movies at all, but the cast list sounds incredible. Guy Pearce AND Ray Winstone AND David Wenham AND Emily Watson AND… Wow!

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