who sez only the east coast and the gulf get to have all the fun?

not IKE!

I know, I know… is just a measly TD, but we'll take what we can get

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15 thoughts on “who sez only the east coast and the gulf get to have all the fun?

  1. you guys need the rain too, stephel?our drought is not as bad as last year's, but we can definitely use any rain ike can bring to these parts.

  2. w00t! We had a wicked thunderstorm last night, this time really pounding my corner of the world. I saw the lightning on the way home and by the time I got close, the rain was pounding and the wind was blowing.
    I soon saw that I missed the most of it. Trees were down, branches in the roads, the water on my street was over the sidewalks and all the garbage dumpsters were tipped over. There was also a patio umbrella crumpled up in my parking space. I spent some time cleaning up before the rain kicked in again.
    No damage to my place, thankfully. Looks like we may get to do it all over again tonight!

  3. We could use some rain. Supposedly, we're going to get rain today and tomorrow. It was misting earlier, but that seems to have stopped *SIGH*

  4. TD's can still dump boatloads – so to speak – of rain. Enjoy! I got totally ripped off by Hanna last weekend. I expected it to last through Sunday.

  5. Welcome to the cone, Mariser! We were in the cone for a week, and I was glad to see it go. Hope your 'maters get rain without washing away.

  6. *sigh* There's always too much where it isn't needed and not enough where it is. I hope that this new Ike will be more gentle, while bringing plenty of rain. In soak-uppable amounts. I'm farther over — SE PA. We need rain too….badly. But not in torrnets, which is how we seem to get it these days.

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