Clinton and Palin make a joint appearance

on Saturday night.   fun stuff.

Clinton and Palin

nice digs at sexism in the media and the culture.

update:  here's the clip from  hope is watchable for peeps outside the us.

Clinton and Palin

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26 thoughts on “Clinton and Palin make a joint appearance

  1. sharp, ain't it? I liked the bit where Hil says "I wanted to be President – that I was a woman was secondary" <—————— paraphraseand the stuff about Hil being a "Flirg" "First Lady I rather get". heh.

  2. I can't haz funny video!!!"We're sorry, currently our video library can only be streamed within the united states" bladibladibla… :-(

  3. Oh man, hubby and I enjoyed that Saturday night live SO much!We just knew Tina Fey would show up as soon as McCain announced his VP choice! WAY cool! :D

  4. "poignant" is exactly the word. also "wistful". wondering about what-might-have-been. I love amy poehler, but I kinda wish they had gotten the real Hillary for the sketch.

  5. I think Hillary has shown she can poke fun at herself. I don't know whether SNL approached her for this, but she would'nt have. not now, while she's trying to convince her hardcore supporters to vote for Obama.

  6. Thanks, Mariser! I can see the nbc version! That was good.
    Wistful is definitely what I am. I was definitely for Hillary.
    Also totally bewildered about the appeal of Palin.

  7. I didn't call it Flirj but flirg for first lady I'd rather get! And it's not me who calling like that, it's in the show. I just speak about the comments when Mariser said it. And when I watched the show, I didn't get it. And I didn't know the meaning of flirj which is i agre with you is not appropriate to her.

  8. Ah. No harm, no foul. My comment was solely based on the SNL clip. I didn't see the direction this comment thread was headed. Maybe I should consider that next time.According to the urban dictionary, it's FLIRJ. Therefore the "ewww."

  9. my bad, my bad. I heard "flirg" in the clip, and *I* took it to mean "first lady I rather get", with niggy agreed with. after a survey this am, the consensus seems to be that the word/acronym is indeed "flirg" but there is no agreement on what it means. some contenders:"first lady is really gay""first lady is really (a) guy""first lady I'd roger gladly" <—- bonus: appropriate for tlapd !sadly, my interpretation is nor at all popular. :crais:

  10. Ok ! I understand it’s my mistake ! I thought that you were answering directly to my comments. I’ve should noticed that it was just an answer on the SNL clip. It's the "Dude, man" who I thought was for me, I don't know why. Ok so that's cool now. Maybe you could tell me what is she really saying flirj or flirg. What is the prononciation when you say flirg, is it prononced flirgue or flirdge like flirj. I don’t know if you understand what I mean? But for me as french, it’s hard to get if it prononced both in the same way. If it's flirj I understand the “ewww”.

  11. It's becoming a little complicate all this stuff but I like your interpretation first lady is really a guy it’s a good one too. But I can't understand first lady I'd roger gladly. My english is not good enough to understand it.

  12. heh. those are not my interpretations. they are just some I found searching on the as to "roger". is not very polite. it is archaic English for having sex, or fuck. so "first lady I'd roger gladly" basically means ""first lady I'd fuck gladly".

  13. I really don't get anything today! I thought it was your interpretation. Sorry. Thanks for the explanation. It's always a good thing to learn some vocabulary, thanks.

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