a music post, a blast from the past, a little contest

I don't do it too often, but I occasionally give in and re-purchase one of the albums that got played to death (as LPs, natch) during my early formative years.  the most recent one is Rick Wakeman's first solo effort, The six wives of Henry VIII.   I don't much go for instrumentals, but make an exception for this glorious showcase of the excesses of progrock – the keyboards! the moogs! the synths!   

now, for the little contest.  in the album liner notes, Wakeman says,  "This album is based around my interpretations of the musical characteristics of the wives of Henry VIII. Although the style may not always be in keeping with their individual history, it is my personal conception of their characters in relation to keyboard instruments."  I know some of my neighbors know and fancy the Tudor period, so here is the challenge:
          can you tie each wife to the musical track "interpreting her musical characteristics"?
                (yes, I realize you can look it up, but what is the fun of that?)

update:  I've added the name to each track

so here, the tracks

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20 thoughts on “a music post, a blast from the past, a little contest

  1. Ooooh, FUN! But I can't play until I get home from work (no audio on my computer). Pleasepleaseplease wait until I submit before revealing the answers?

  2. hai mariser!I can't play (cause I can't hear audio on my computer) (plus I don't know a thing about the Tudor period or any of these historical figures) BUT your description of this Rick Wakeman album made me think of Wendy Carlos' Switched On Bach and I was just wondering if you have ever heard that? A friend of mine has it and I've only listened to the whole thing once, but it's awesome! And if you hadn't heard it before, I really think you'd like it!(p.s. I gots your postcard – thank you! – did you gets my pm?)

  3. Yeah, I don't think I'm qualified to make any good guesses w/o lyrics but I'll give the tracks a listen anyway. I forgot to mention to you, a while ago, you professed your crush on RW and not long after that I saw something about him—I think it was a new bio or autobiography on him that came out? (for all I know, you posted about it but I am pretty sure I saw it on Amazon or elsewhere after you mentioned your crush on him)

  4. Oh, you know, this reminds me of ELP's version of Pictures At An Exhibition, originally done, of course by Mussoursgky (spelt wrong no doubt). We learned that one in 7th grade music class because although my teacher was kinda nerdy, he was pretty cool with what he was trying to teach 13 year olds!!

  5. browna, no problem. I think you are the only one playing anyways ;)I'll post the track names sometime tomorrow night.ygrs, aww no audio. darn. Wendy Carlos! I remember hearing Switched on Bach. pretty interesting stuff, and I can see where it is similar to this Wakeman album with all the synthesizers and what-not.

  6. …a while ago, you professed your crush on RW.darn. I have no secrets anymore. but yeah, that's funny. I'll have to check out that book. that's pretty cool that you learned about Pictures at an Exhibition on 7th grade. good for your nerdy teacher! of course, there you had the original "pictures at an exhibition" that inspired Mussorgky's piece which in turn inspired ELP's take. progrock ain't nothing if not complicated…

  7. yeah, so really I learned about art & music at that time. We also listened to "Tommy" and he was also a HUGE Beatles fan.

  8. Heehee re. crush on Rick Wakeman – I had one, back in the day, which might disqualify me from playing. will have to check a track or two and see…

  9. Speaking of Masterpieces of Prog Rock, there's always "War of the Worlds".We have several Walter/Wendy Carlos LP's still extant.

  10. This is so cool! I'm enjoying the contest, but as an observer! I know nothing about the girls! :D

  11. Who did War of the Worlds? That's a new one to me. (not that I'm an expert or anything — just an Old Fart who remembers the 70's.)&:o)

  12. Oh man, this is hard. I think #4 must be Anne of Cleves, only because it sounds the most "German" to me… and #5 could be Catherine of Aragon. I'm going to guess Anne Boleyn #2, #3 Jane Seymour, #6 Catherine Howard, and #1 Katherine Parr.

  13. Too difficult! Can't do!
    1. Catherine of Aragon
    2. Catherine Howard
    3. Jane Seymour
    4. Anne of Cleves
    5. Katherine Parr
    6. Anne Boleyn
    Bah! I fail.

  14. weels, I'm afraid Mr. Wakeman must have had no idea what he was talking about… :( I know you ladies know your Tudors better than he does.I have put the corresponding lady's name under her track.the results of the contest are quite dismal (no other way to say it). BA is 0/6, which leaves Aubrey the winner at 1/6. !yikes!congrats to Aubs, and thanks for playing. I need to come up with a suitable prize for her…

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