serendipitous musical encounters – Gary Louris & Mark Olson (The Jayhawks), September 20, 2008

sometimes I wonder why I don't take the daily paper.  I'd get out of the house more if I did.
take for example, yesterday: dragged meself out of bed at the crack o'11am, was checking email/VOX/etc and on a whim, popped over to the online edition of the paper.
"nothing, nothing, McCain, Obama, worst financial crisis, nothing…mmmm, what's this? musical lineup at Christ the King's Oktoberfest:  1:00pm Mark Olson and Gary Louris." those names sound familiar. about a mile from the house. free.  quick googling: Mark Olson, founding member of seminal alt-country group The Jayhawks…  well, I'm sold. quick shower and away we go.

the gig rocked, though the physical setup was rather…quaint. a wooden stage inside a tent, some basic PA equipment (manned by volunteers, natch -badly manned; which drove Mark Olson crazy – he kept on signaling the crew "lower, lower!"). one positive to the setup: it was thoughtfully located next to the Biergardner, for which teh SO was very appreciative. yet Olson&Louris played for over two hours without a break and the small (~200) audience had a blast.

the instrumental setup was as simple as the physical: Olson and Louris on acoustic guitars, Louris on the harmonica for a few tracks.
The set was a mix of The Jayhawks hits and tracks from the upcoming Louris/Olson album Ready for the Flood, drop date around Jan-Feb 2009.  several of the tracks from the new album are outstanding – Bicycle, Turn your pretty name around, Kick the wood, Saturday morning on Sunday street.

more pics:

Gary & mark 1Gary & mark 2Gary & mark 3

Mark olson 2Mark olson 3

Gary louris 1Gary louris 2

the setlist:
*The rose society
Say you'll be mine
Over my shoulder
*Black eyes
Two Angels
*Turn your pretty name around
Waiting for the sun
*Kick the wood
Tomorrow the green grass
Settled down like rain
Sister cry
*Saturday morning on Sunday street
See him on the street – introduced by Mark Olson as "a Kentucky sorta honky-tonk song"
Nothing left to borrow
*Doves and stones
Miss Williams guitar

Pray for me

*from upcoming album Ready for the flood

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7 thoughts on “serendipitous musical encounters – Gary Louris & Mark Olson (The Jayhawks), September 20, 2008

  1. it is exciting. the seven songs from the new album I heard were lovely, with nice voice harmonies – reminded me of early Crosby Stills & Nash, Caravan, and even Simon&Garfunkel.

  2. The set was a mix of The Jayhawks hits…Ha ha ha haa!Okay, now that I got that out of the way, here's my real comment: That sounds like a great surprise of a show. I love those guys, but have never seen them on the stage together. I'm quite jealous. I'll have to check and see if they're coming anywhere near me.

  3. I said, The set was a mix of The Jayhawks hitsand M—–l said, Ha ha ha haa!harrumph! the crowd sure was reacting as if they were hits. so was a heck of a show. we came back later in the evening to catch Justin Townes Earle, which was fun. details on a separate post

  4. Oh yeah Jayhawks! Wichita is one of my favourites and one on a green album that I don't remember the title. I listened this afternoon, all Holywood Town Hall what a great album! I never saw them on stage. I don't know if they came in france I don't remember. It's cool that there is a new album. Blue isn't it on the green album? On this album I remember there even a song with a loosy singer that I loved. I think it was the singer of texas but I'm not sure. Thanks for the info.

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