…and then Chris Rock sez

been listening to some of Chris Rock's classics

like ranting on our love of money

or unable to defend rap "at an intellectual level"

07-Defending Rap
Chris Rock

wondering why so many rappers' murders have gone unsolved

finding out how to scare straight the kids

01-Tossed Salad Man
Chris Rock

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4 thoughts on “…and then Chris Rock sez

  1. Heeee! I love your NC pics and your angry armed avatar! :DI have been seeing bits of CR on tv….but I want to check out these bits…they look great! I have been laughing my ass off *looks around—it's still there*….to George Carlin's last cd.

  2. my angry avatar is better armed than yours.CR's "how not to get your ass busted by the po-lice" is incredibly funny. the real po-lice recommend everyone watch it.

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