L’ Shanah Tovah to all

    edit 20080929@1744:  oooops, so sorries. here is the link to these and more cards –
    someecards Rosh Hashanah greetings

                                                        may you enjoy a bountiful sweet year

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16 thoughts on “L’ Shanah Tovah to all

  1. LOL! Somewhere in the recesses of my yahoo account is the one and only Rosh Hashanah joke email I've ever seen. I need to go find that. It's a hoot.

  2. My daughter goes to a Jewish preschool, so I've been learning a lot about these holidays. A Jewish friend of ours boiled all of the holidays down to (and I think this is an old joke), "They tried to kill us, we survived, let's eat!"

  3. Now I realize I didn't have RH jokes, I had Yom Kippur jokes. I can't find it, but it was about what kind of bread you were supposed to use/cast away? depending on what sin you were atoning for. Lusty thoughts = croissants, etc. There were twenty or so different breads for different things. Pretty damn funny, I wish I still had it. Maybe google has it…

  4. heh. lust = croissants. <—– probably true.I only know one mildly amusing bit (doesnt' rank "joke") about Rosh Hashanah:may you have a sweet year. may a ton of sugar fall on your head.see? "meh"

  5. My office cleared out a few hours ago and will be virtually empty tomorrow due to all the people being out for the holiday – these cards are perfectly timed!

  6. Very close to "May the Bird of Paradise fly up yer nose".I like them both. Twisted. These cards are good! :D

  7. These are awesome! Thanks for the Happy New Year wishes, and I hope everyone else has a sweet new year, too. Instead of "being stuck" in synagogue all day tomorrow, I'll be stuck on a plane flying to Minnesota. Guess I'll have some apples & honey while shivering in my boots.Not sure yet what my excuse is going to be for skipping Yom Kippur services yet, but I have a week to figure that one out ;-).

  8. These are great. I haven't seen (funny) Rosh Hashanah jokes before.We actually get two flexible holidays a year so I don't have to use personal days. Yay! But I didn't move here in time to get tickets to temple for the high holidays. So I just get to take my flex holidays for fun three day weekends. Yay!

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