sometimes I am so jealous of the cats

make that "often".

check out what I came across a few minutes ago while rushing to go to work

damn.  wonder if he's noticed me

nope.  can I get even closer?

yep.  closer?

uh-oh.  may have gotten a bit too close there.

I better go.  a glaring cat is not a good sign

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10 thoughts on “sometimes I am so jealous of the cats

  1. ya know…if you're going to go out to slave for his catfood while he sleeps in, could you at least do it more quietly.the things the masters of the universe have to put up with.

  2. aww…what a preshus boy. &:o)I love these pics, mariser.I am always jealous of Wembley. And all of our cats in general. They really do have the Good Life, don't they? Sweet fuzzy little things.

  3. HEE!!!Ninja hooman sneaks closer without really moving!!I actually laughed out loud as each photo got closer and then…..*glare*

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