that other war on drugs

cartoon by Horsey of the Seattle P-I.

props and snaps to my awesome step-father who sent this cartoon my way 

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7 thoughts on “that other war on drugs

  1. Good find mariser!It's weird to me to see that some people don't realize that this is a possibility, you know? It's possible to be against horrors like partial-birth abortion but still FOR a woman's choice to control her body & her life in ways like this.

  2. I'm familiar with several cases where a pharmacist claimed freedom of religion in their decision to refuse to fill a prescription for birth control or morning after pills.

  3. There was an epidemic in this country a few years ago of pharmacists throwing up the "freedom of religion" shield. I'm alright with it as long as that's followed by "freedom to fire your fundie ass."

  4. Oh ICK ICK ICK.I work at a "Catholic hospital". We aren't allowed to do sperm counts on patients to see if their sperm count is high enough to create children. Apparently it's up to God to count the sperm.ICK. Damn crazy religious people.

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