a whole lot of the drive-by truckers and a bit of the hold steady – rock’n’roll means well tour

an incomplete review. 


went to Louisville last night to catch the opening night of the Rock and Roll Means Well  tour featuring the Drive-by Truckers and The Hold Steady.  the bands are alternating opening/closing.  last night D-bT opened.


Drive-by Truckers is a band I'd been looking forward to for a while. they are the spiritual and musical heirs to Lynyrd Skynyrd; they have great ease on stage and are enjoying themselves. presumably the individual whiskey fifths help the nice vibe along. 

Drive-by Truckers set (roughly)

living Bubba
women without whiskey
love like this
the righteous path
Ghost to most                                                                                                                                                   

I'm sorry Houston
Goode's field road
company I keep
3 dimes down
Ronnie and Neil                                                                                                                                                   

marry me
hell no I ain't happy
zip city                                                                                                                                                            

home field advantage                                                                                                                                        

let there be rock
Alabama ass whuppin'                                                                                                                                    

look out mountain 


Louisville is about 1½-hour away and I'm at work today, so we didn't catch but the first hour of The Hold Steady's set. 'twas interesting, but almost a little funny after the intensity of D-bT.  when THS came on stage it felt like the A-V club nerds were taking over the stage after the *real* show was over. 

partial The Hold Steady set (roughly)

stay positive                                                                                                                                        

constructive summer
two-handed handshake
your little hoodrat friend
navy sheets
chips ahoy
the swish
you can make him like you
song for cutters
sequestered in Memphis

NOTE:  very rough setlists.  apparently standing and drinking beer is not conducive to the best handwriting.

ANOTHER NOTE:  the weird spacing between the songs in the setlists is entirely VOX's fault.  I got tired of trying to fix it.

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Philadelphia bliss

congratulations to the Phillies.  way to go the distance.

watch the last out amidst the roars. 




that'll do, boys. that'll do.   'til next year.

I heart No 10.  at minute 1:51 he crawls out from under the pile and jumps on top.

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I am sick to my heart

I couldn't sleep last night.
a  thought kept jolting me awake.
were California's Prop 8 to pass, it will mark the first time in this country's history that rights granted to individuals have been taken away.*
taken away

just like that.
the trend has been that once the Rubicon is crossed, once rights are granted, they are not taken away.  take for example, once the US Supreme Court ruled anti-miscegenation laws illegal, there may have been grumbling, but there was not a concerted effort to reverse that decision.

it sickens me deeply to think that if Prop 8 passes, it will encourage similar efforts in Vermont and Massachussetts.  and I fear for what may come next.

teh SO, history major and US Civil War buff notes the above is not exactly true:  during the years leading to the War Between the States, there were several legal reversals dealing with the rights to emancipate one's slaves, the ability of a slave to buy their own freedom, etc.  my bad.

I'm listening to this while I write

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how to fix a-damn-close-to-lousy-day

is been a cold, rainy, blustery day.
Monday, to top it off.
after work had to run a few errands under the chilly drizzle

get home feeling tired, drained, tired.

what to do?

– carry your gear inside
– turn on all the lights
– boil water for tea
– pet the cats
– fix a *large* mug of tea
– while the tea brews, cue this song

– set on repeat (minimum 6x)
– turn up the volume
– another notch
– settle back with your tea
optional:  sing along


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were we to play a game and were that game to be “name the most ridiculous cover you’ve ever heard”

were all these things true, you would'nt come even close to what I am about to present to you.

hide the children and those of delicate dispositions.

nick, babe, you know how I feel about you, but babe, there ain't enough cowbell in the galaxy to redeem this sucker
it takes some serious talent to completely derockify one of the rockingest songs ever.   I'm not worthy.

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my invisible friends can beat your invisible friends

at giving presents, fer shure.

via a gracious uncle*, the lovely, talented and graciouser Subhangi sent me some awesomeness.
check it.

the wisest god

I love it!   am still trying to decide an appropriate placement.  suggestions are welcome

a set of coa…  an art piece in the form of coasters

the coasters glint and shimmer

if anyone ever attempts to use them as coasters, like by putting a glass atop any of them, I'll kill them.

one more shot of my treasure trove

thanks again, Subhi!  I'm not worthy.

* and please thank your gracious uncle for me.  I would, but the address on the package was from a shipping facility.

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Pepper update which is not an update as far as being different from the original report

some of you have been kind and concerned enough as to ask for an update on Pepper's health.  and I have been remiss by not providing one, but there really hasn't been anything to report. 
the infection/blockage was caught before getting to critical stage so Pepper is waiting out this week on steroids and antibiotics until surgery next week. 
Pepper is mostly fine, gotten used to his pill every evening (given alongside some Kitten Chow). he pees very little and it is blood-tinged.  a little unnerving, but expected given his illness; on the positive side he doesn't seem very distressed, very little crying or yowling.
one not-so-great-thing is that Pepper seems unable to pee in the litterbox, preferring softer surfaces like rugs and upholstered chairs. this has caused the following:
   – we are getting a new bathroom rug after Pepper is all fixed up.
   – the bathroom rug no longer resides in the bathroom but rather next to the litterboxes
   – all cats are being kept off the front of the house where things such as rugs and upholstered chairs abound.

I will update with surgery news as they happen.   thanks to all for your concern.

had a bit of a photoshoot with Pepper this morning.  I liked these best

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