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22 thoughts on “well?

  1. heh. the very groovy dude is the lovely and talented Nick Cave. whom I will be seeing perform next Tuesday in Philadelphia.
    cannot. wait.

  2. Great picture! Ha!
    And a big LOL to me. I thought your banner was of Ben Stiller in character for a movie where he must be playing a 70s gangster or something.

  3. the picture is begging for the banner treatment, no?
    I haven't found the original pic online, but I suspect is from the September 25 demonstrations.

  4. You can tell I don't watch a lot of Ben Stiller movies.
    When I volunteered at the Super Bowl, someone asked me if I was seeing any celebrities. I told them maybe, I have no idea.
    The only person I recognized for sure was the Geico Caveman. A friend asked, "Was he in costume?"
    Yeah, 'cuz I would know who the actors playing the Cavemen were.

  5. ROFL!!! Odd, but I was talking with an 88-year-old neighbor the other day about how the current crisis compares to the Great Depression, which he remembers vividly. He said that when the market crashed in 1929, bankers and brokers threw themselves from their office towers. "Today," he commented, "they expect you to give them a parachute before they jump."Sadly true.

  6. "…the picture is begging for the banner treatment, no?" I am happy to oblige. :)The large version had a watermark, so I had to sort of manipulate the photo a bit. Still works, though, I think.

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