ah fuck. more sad. with follow-up sad

about a week ago, cops in Brooklyn tasered a man who was standing on a second-floor ledge.  the man fell to his death  <—-  link includes a slide picture show, the pictures may be considered NSFW, also upsetting.


today brings word that the police lieutenant who order the tasering is dead by suicide.  the tasering was under investigation.


such sadness. such waste.  I really should stop reading the paper

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4 thoughts on “ah fuck. more sad. with follow-up sad

  1. Argh. I am not going to check out the link. My imagination will do. You are so right, such a waste. :(

  2. I don't often read the paper. I seem to store an entire file in my own brain of things to remember if I want to make myself sad. And I usually don't so I usually don't access that file. ;)

  3. I don't read the paper and only sometimes listen to NPR. I figure I hear what I need to hear without all the gory details. A double tragedy.

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