a bit of a follow-up

did you watch the VP debate last night?

is your head still hurting from:

a.  trying to follow Sarah Palin's logic?

b. understanding anything she said?

c. that ridiculous winking? *


here's help.  the 'Sarah Palin Debate Flowchart", courtesy of blog-I-didn't-know-existed-until-today, adennak.com


(via Wonkette, natch)


if the above flowchart is not clear enough, check The Mudflats liveblog of the VP debate


* oh yeah, the winking.  sorries. you are on yer own.  bleaching your eyeballs might work.


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21 thoughts on “a bit of a follow-up

  1. hey adennak backwards is kanneda – I'm just sayin'
    great chart!
    I love the snapshot that got posted in the comments over at redzilla's of palin winking – oddly enough, I didn't notice it last night, but I was watching it in a teeny cnn.com window

  2. It wasn't the winking, but that gawdawful Fargo-esque accent. "HAWK-key mahms." "Ay-RAK." I almost wanted to rip the speakers out of the TV, it was so annoying. I also was driven mad by her really irritating habit of not answering the question given to her, but instead moving the subject to something she had on her index cards. ("Oh, I didn't rehearse for that question, so let's talk about taxes.") The moderator tried her best to keep Palin on topic, but Joe Biden would simply follow Palin's train wreck of thought and before the moderator knew it, they both had wandered long and far from the question. Egg-saperating.

  3. brilliant! that flowchart is dead-on… that palin lady made me crazy with her "i'm a smalltown girl" talk and winking and leaning on one arm and general "i'm trying to be cute"-ness. seriously. made me nuts.
    and since when do the candidates get to determine the topics they debate? she didn't answer anything she was asked!

  4. Mariser, your post describes my experience exactly. My head is still hurting from trying to understand what she was saying last night.

  5. he said that or else no one has been a better friend to Israel but I think you are right…I re-watched a lot of the debate today on YT but not that part. and I did see her wink. gag me with a moose antler.

  6. The flow chart is a riot mariser. It's so funny, but it's so true that it's also sad.The very first question she answered, when she took the "answer" straight to referring to being a frickin' hawkey mawm……I wanted to slap her. And the frickin' WINK…..gaaggh!! Every time she leaned on her damned elbow and started saying "yuo know…" and then that damned wink……..I did like it when she gave her interpretation of what the Constitution said that the VP's job description was, and Biden immediately said that NO that's not what the Constitution says it is, but that's how Cheney and the Bush administration have been doing it anyway. And of course she didn't have anything to come back with about that, because that wasn't covered on her cards I'm sure.I so wanted her to be a complete train wreck last night. Instead, she only irritated the hell out of me with her damned winking and her smugness and that frickin' accent from the Howie Mandell cartoon show — Bobby's World. She sounds just like Bobby's mom with that damned "yuo know…"grrr.

  7. Thanks for the liveblog last night Mariser! That flow chart is awesome.
    Today at work, our Russian intern, tounge-in-cheek, asked if we could help him with his accent because he wasn't sure- Nucular or Nuclear?

  8. The Flowchart rawks! I am going to print a huge copy of it to hang on my wall! :DThanks for the suggestion to bleach my eyeballs, too! *Snert*!!!

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