you know the drill…

now that it is over…

whoa,  this was interesting.  much faster and livelier than the first Presidential debate. 
my impressions:  took Biden a bit, but towards the end he was speaking with real feeling.  a couple of times he came close to do the whole "eyerolling" thing at Palin, which wouldn't be good.
Gov Palin has chutzpah.  balls.  I couldn't believe how she blithely said "I'm not answering your questions, I'm talking about what I want".  even more surprised she wasn't challenged on it.
Gwen Ifill was fair, but she did not keep control.

thanks for joining the liveblog.  y'all are awesome!   I need to go read your comments.


and it ain't Drill, baby, drill.  so go get your choice of beverage, fire up the TV/PC/radio and settle down to watch the VP debate.  I'll do my best to keep up, updates below this picture

GI = Gwen Ifill, moderator              JB= Joe Biden                     SP= Sarah Palin

GI = welcome to the only VP debate.  discussion divide into 5 minute segments. questions chosen by moderator
GI to JB= is it the worst or the best of Washington to watch the quagmire in Congress over the bailout?
JB= this is brought by the policies of the current administration.  BO is demanding oversight, allowing taxpayers to be investors.  BO and I will focus on the middle class
SP= families and parents are in fear of what is happening in the economy.  the federal government is not responsive to this fear.  JMcC called for reform two years ago and wasn't heard.  he suspended his own campaign
GI= what will you do as VP to reach to the other side of the aisle?
JB= I have a record of standing up for Americans.  JMcC said "the fundamentals of the economy are strong" he's out of touch.
SP = JMcC said that about the American worker.  him and I, we are mavericks.  JG, Americans are ready for mavericks
GI= who's at fault for the meltdown
SP= is the fault of predatory lenders and Wall street, convincing Joe 6-pack and hockey moms to buy more they could afford.  we need to restrict ourselves and take personal responsability
JB= BO warned about the subprime market two years ago while JMcC on 20 different occasions called for deregulation. JMcC wants to apply same deregulation to health care
SP= we need to cut taxes, create jobs.  we need the private sector, government needs to cut… I'm lost
JB= SP is not answering any question so far
SP= I may not answer the questions the way you want and I don't care. I'm here to talk to the American people.  I rocked in Alaska, cut lots of taxes. 
GI to JB=  you have proposed ^ taxes on the rich.  isn't that class warfare?
JB= is a matter of fairness.  the middle and working class are suffering, BO and I will protect the middle class.  JMcC wants to cut taxes on corporations and the rich.
SP= JB you are for redistribution of wealth (COMMUNIST) me and Todd don't think paying taxes is patriotic, we think government needs to get out of our way.  JMcC health care plan is the smart thing to do, giving a tax credit to families.
JB= is  not redistribution of wealth, is fairness.  95% of small business will not get an ^ in taxes.  you know how JMcC pays for that health care tax credit?  by taxing your employer-paid health care benefits.  that's the ultimate bridge to nowhere
GI= your mates didn't answer  this last week, so I ask.  what will not you be able to do because of the bailout?
JB= we will have to slow down our foreign aid commitments.  but we will not slow down on protecting the middle class, eliminate wasteful spending, eliminate tax loopholes
SP= JMcC doesn't change his story for different groups.  the energy plan that BO voted for gave tax breaks to the oil companies.  I have rocked in Alaska, and I made the oil companies give that away.
GI presses on the question -  SP= I haven't promised nothing since I'm new at this.
JB= BO voted for that energy bill because it also covered alternative energy sources.  gov. Palin did impose a windfall profits tax that benefited Alaskans.  BO and I want to do the same for all Americans and JMcC doesn't
GI= Gov, JMcC supported the bill that made it harder for folks to declare bankrupcy.  would you?
SP= yes I would
JB= BO and I voted differently on that bill. I was for it, he against.  BO was calling for attention to the subprime mess,l JMcC was surprised it existed.  the Bush admin, the gov, and JMcC do not support helping homeowners
SP=  I want to talk about emergy, because I know about it!  the politicians don't allow the oil producing states to drill and we send our money to bad people.  energy independence FTW!!!
GI= what are the causes of global warming?
SP= I am the gov on the only arctic state.  global warming affects men, and that's why we need to drill more and preserve
JB= global warming is man-made.  we have to take responsibility. we have 3% of oil reserves, we use 25%.  JMcC has voted 20 times against alternative energy sources.  "drill, baby drill" is not the answer. we need to export our clean technologies to China and other countries
SP= "drill, baby drill" is right.  that's the way to go.  the gas pipeline.  the sen. has said no to everything.  whiner. supports capping emissions
GI=  do you support granting rights to samesex couples?
JB=  absolutely. is what the constitution supports. is only fair.
SP= not if it muddles the definition of marriage as one man and one woman.  I am tolerant, my family and friends are diverse.  so even though I don't support gay marriage, but I support giving rights of visitation
JB= BO do not support expanding the definition of marriage to include gay couples.
GI= what should be our exit strategy in Iraq?
SP= we have an exit plan by the dreamy Gen. Petraeus and the fabulous JMcC.  BO has nothing
JB= BO has a clear plan, which is supported by Iraqi President Malaki and now by President Bush.  a timeline is indispensable.  BO feels that the Iraqis are ready to stand up.  JMcC believes in a forever war
SP=  your plan is one of surrender.  we'll be done in Iraq when we are done.  you wanted to run with JMcC
JB= JMcC voted against funding the troops.  I warned we wouldn['t  be greeted as liberators.  JMcC, :god love him, has been dead wrong
GI=  what's worse? a nuclear Iran or an unstable Pakistan?
JB= definitely an unstable Pakistan.  they already have nuclear weapons. JMcC is obsessed with Iran when the big  problem is in Pakistan
SP= they are both very dangerous.  neither should be allowed to acquire nuclear weapons (NOTE= Pakistan already has nuclear weapons).  BO is willing to meet with Ahmadenijad, Kim Jong Il or the Castro brothers
GI=  should we meet with our enemies?
SP= not without preconditions, like BO wants.  which is naive
JB= correction.  BO never said he'll meet without preconditions. that's been debunked long time ago.  we must sit down and talk with our adversaries.  we must engage in diplomacy,  JMcC wouldn't meet with Spain!  an ally
GI= the Israel question.  what to do?
SP= a two state is the solution.  we should build as US embassy in Jerusalem
JB= I <3 Israel.  this administration has been an abject failure.  they have  allowed  Hamas and Hezbollah  to become legitimate political players. 
SP= the administration policies have not been a failure.  you are just looking back and fingerpointing.  this administration has had huge blunders, like every other administration.  JMcC is the maverick  (TAKE A DRINK)
JB= past is prologue.  how are JMcC policies different that George Bush's?  I haven't heard
GI= what should be the trigger in our use of nuclear weapons?
SP= we should not allow rogue countries to acquire nuclear weapons.  can I talk about Afghanistan?  we need to do there what we are doing in Iraq. is what they need.  BO said we were firebombing villages.  fucker
JB= the commanding general in Afghanistan has said directly that the Iraq tactics will not work in Afghanistan.  we spend more $ in three weeks in Iraq that we have in Afghanistan TOTAL.
SP= the counterinsurgency strategies used in Iraq will too work in Afghanistan
JB= BO and I have been calling for ^ funding in Afghanistan. JMcC said " you don't hear about Afghanistan because we have already succeeded there". not
GI= sen., are you an interventionist? 
JB= I have supported our intervention to avoid genocide.
SP= I am just a Washington outsider.  sen you voted for the war before you voted against it.
GI= where do we draw the line at intervening in world affairs?
JB= we should where is necessary to prevent genocide. 
SP= JMcC knows how to win a war.  he can learn from out mistakes.
GiI= if it happened that you became President, how would it be different from your running mate?
JB- it wouldn't be.  I'll continue the BO policies.
SP= we is a team of mavericks!!  we have our differences.  I'll continue with his maverick ways, but I'll bring Wasilla views to the country.  support our ticket
JB-= ask around my 'hood "are things better now for you?"  and then ask "how is JMcC different from Bush"
SP= there you go again, talking about Bush, about the past.  bo-ring.  education is very very important.  we need to ^ the standards, emphasize the profession of teachers.  my kids go to public school
GI= what do you think is that the VP does
SP= the VP presides over the Senate.  I will lead on energy independence and support for special needs children
JB= BO knows I can get things done in the Senate.  I will work alongside BO and will play a constructive role in his Presidency
SP= I agree with Cheney that the Legislative branch should have no sway over the Executive
JB= Cheney is the most dangerous VP in our history.  the only authority the VP has over the Congress is to vote IN CASE OF A TIE
GI= gov, your weakness is lack of experience. sen, yours is lack of discipline, address that
SP= I have plenty of experience. as a gov and as a mom.  and I will make America again that shining city on a hill as Reagan said
JB= I will place my and BO record against anyone.  I know what is like to be a single parent.
SP= JMcC is the ultimate maverick.  I have been a maverick too.  JMcC shows he's a maverick because of his supporters:  me, Lieberman, Giuliani…
JB= let's talk about that maverick stuff.  JMcC is not a maverick where it counts. he's voted for Bush's deficit budgets, on providing health care for children.  he's not a maverick
GI= what is a policy issue where you would change your views?
JB= when I first got to Congress I used to think that a judge's opinion from the bench was irrelevant and I came to realize that judicial philosophy is important
SP= as gov I allowed budgets to pass without vetoing in order to advance.  but in big serious issues, no. 
GI= how would you change the tone in Washington and bring bipartisanship
JB= I have worked across the aisle, I have respect, I do not question the motives of others
SP= you do what I did and appoint Republicans, Democrats, Independents.  voters will have a choice to support our ticket or support a ticket that kills jobs and ^ spending?
SP= JMcC will fight for Americans. I'm proud to be an American.  JMcC has fought for your freedom
JB= this is an important election.  the last 8 years have been a disaster. we need change.  BO and I measure progress in America by seeing that families can pay mortgages, that soldiers are protected, well-armed, and that they have health care and opportunities when they return

…and thhhaat's all folks!


whoa,  this was interesting.  much faster and livelier than the first Presidential debate. 
my impressions:  took Biden a bit, but towards the end he was speaking with real feeling.  a couple of times he came close to do the whole "eyerolling" thing at Palin, which wouldn't be good.
Gov Palin has chutzpah.  balls.  I couldn't believe how she blithely said "I'm not answering your questions, I'm talking about what I want".  even more surprised she wasn't challenged on it.
Gwen Ifill was fair, but she did not keep control.

thanks for joining the liveblog.  I need to go read your comments.


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181 thoughts on “you know the drill…

  1. Hooray! *hoists my glass* Here's a toast (yay, toast) to Senator Biden in his debate against "the Tina Fey lookalike". I'm ready! :D

  2. She has that deer in the headlights look and she is already starting with the Soccer Mom stories.

  3. Her voice is really shaky.It's 8 minutes in and we have already heard 4 "reforms" and 3 "mavericks" from the Tina Lookalike.

  4. As a Montana=born girl from a town with a population of 2004 and the first generation in my family to go to college, I HATE that she claims to represent my values, etc.

  5. "I may not answer the question in the way Joe or the moderator would like…" in other words, when I go off on a nonsensical ramble without saying anything substantive, it's your fault, not mine.

  6. And there's your sound bite compliments of Joe Biden regarding McCain's healthcare plan: The Ultimate Bridge To Nowhere. <crowd ooooohs>

  7. We were talking at work today about whether she'd be wearing a wire so she could be fed answers, but I guess not.

  8. YEAH, JOE!!Obama wants to give us all a "windfall profit" like everyone in Alaska has received for their oil profits since forever!!!!Sarah Fey supported Alaska's windfall profits to Alaskans. McCain would NEVER support them for all America!

  9. it really bugs me when she says things in a back country way: "you betcha" and things like givin', takin', watchin' instead of givING, takING, watchING. But yes she is sort of holding her own, but on what planet I'm not sure….

  10. *applause applause* to the Ultimate Bridge To Nowhere comment by Joe B.!Here, mariser, let me refill your glass! :D

  11. It's a bit one-sided where Biden answers questions and responds to Palin and Palin ignores most questions and talks about what she wants. Or can I really just not focus that badly?

  12. haha I love how the moderator has several times now said "now we can talk about what you've just been talking about when I asked you about something else" lol

  13. "haha I love how the moderator has several times now said "now we can talk about what you've just been talking about when I asked you about something else" lol"I love it!

  14. I would like to say for the record, the look Gov. Palin gets on her face when she starts reciting what she's memorized, is the exact same look my son gets on his face when he's checked out and just telling his mother what she wants to here. Her eyes get blank and her face gets settled…. watch….

  15. Drill baby drill…. she seems to be enjoying herself, right here on planet earth… Even Nancy P. agrees — Biden seems uncomfortable about the whole "clean" coal deal.

  16. Well? "Joe" just got her to agree that all American couples of all genders deserve the same rights. I don't think that she knows she agreed to that.

  17. I think she is doing really much better than I thought with the "boom boom boom" response to questions without really saying anything or understanding exactly what the question is. :P

  18. Nothing wrong with a bit more responsible drilling as long as it is paired with mandatory alternative fuel research at the same time. MANDATORY.

  19. welll, the Spain thing…..Maybe McCrap had missed his nap….he seemed confused.(Or seemed to think he was talking about South America – they speak Spanish there too, ya know.)

  20. (sob) can't drink yet….still a little rocky after a bad bladder infection…… I'm doing this thing dry.sniffle……maybe chocs

  21. Yes, go chocolate!I love the idea of Palin trying to channel Fey!!!Hmmm……."Has Bush's foreign policy been 'an abject failure'…..Palin "No, but I am glad to say that we both love Israel!"….Good answer.

  22. "maybe I need to get another bottle"….LMAO…..I love this live-blogging these debates. It's the only way to get through them.mariser….where are youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu?

  23. and good at keeping it focused on McCain – she has no relevant record, and the media is full of her actual record. He's just not going there, and that's smart.

  24. I think his mini-speeches are compelling. He's awesome at debate when he reels it in a bit. And I think he is. Although… I did hear him sigh at something Palin said… I don't think you want to resurrect that Gore-ism.

  25. she's starting to look like she's getting a bit angry – well, except for when she has those goofy grins while he talksoh man – "I'm a washington outsider"

  26. Because she's never been in a position to vote for anything…..and keeps on with things he's already responded to…..what a sleeze

  27. (and why do you want the government run by an outsider….if you were about to have brain surgery, would you hire some guy whose claim was he had no relevant experience?)

  28. I think he said some trigger word to throw a dig that she was grilled extra-hard on. Hehehe, I said hard on.
    She was smiling like a little kid with the right answer. Ooooh, pick me! Pick me!

  29. god I hope people see through her "tactic" of bringing the topics back to what she has notes on, even if it's already been discussed or isn't even brought up

  30. I think he's looking very good. Like that he's been directing corrections to Gwen. And that he's been making corrections. Very careful, very forceful…..

  31. Any little "hows" involved here? We're going to eliminate greed?This really excites the medievalist in me — shoot down one of the seven deadlies?

  32. One more doggone it and I'm gonna be sick. Nothing against anyone from Alaska, but that accent can't be left to represent us on the world stage.

  33. Thanks, 6bucks! I just realized that about 5 minutes ago……Yes, I am a bit slow! ;)But, thanks for the concern…I really was looking for her in the comments at first. :P…but, I am not running for VP…..

  34. "ha! my niegborhood? he lives on a compound… "
    At least he only has one right? Instead of seven houses? That he can't remember?

  35. My favorite moment of the night (so far) was when Biden just schooled Palin on the powers of the Vice President, and how Cheney has basically overstepped his authority. That's big, people.

  36. True, but he can't be contrary during the debate, that's obvious. I hope he's in Obama's face as a counterpoint his entire time in office. I think having an opposing opinion is wonderful in terms of reality checks. And I think Obama is the kind of person who will be willing to hear it. Oooo… Biden just choked/teared up. WTF?

  37. I'm really liking him…I did before, but I do more nowI guess she thinks John McCain is a maverick….like voting with the prez 90% of the time….what an outlaw…EVEN to the extent of going along with the administration's criminal use of torture….if the man were a hero, he'd have stuck at that point, but he didn't, and he isn't

  38. He did it during a speech in a little town south of Pittsburgh last week also when speaking of his sons and losing his wife.

  39. I think Gwen's done a lovely job, btw. Her questions have been good, and she's been good at trying to keep them in line answering them….not altogether successful with Palin, but an effort….And no yelling across each other.

  40. soo, he's actually talking about how to walk the walk here…..and fire them if they won't do what you want (and it's illegal)

  41. Could someone please explain to me how her family is so diverse? Boys and girls? Children and adults? Mexican housekeeper? Vietnamese nail lady? Did I go too far?

  42. I think both sides have been somewhat hypocritical on that issue (McCain way worse though), but Biden said "I know I'm much better off than most people…" That help?

  43. at least biden is actually talking about issues in his closing – hers was some kind of 'thanks for having me' speech

  44. yeah — she was so non-partisan, her book on Obama is scheduled to be released on or around on January during the swearing in of the next President (a Barak Obama win sure would help her book)

  45. I'm gonna make a change, <clap>, for once in my life….<lighters flicker>….gonna feel real good, gonna make a difference! Gonna make it right! <crying girls rush the stage>

  46. I'm really liking him…I did before, but I do more now I agree. :) Good guy. I've seen him speak before and I always have found him very charismatic. I think Palin did okay though, surprisingly. The Republicans will look at this as a success. I personally, think differently.

  47. Jim Lehrer just said, "She used the word "blunders" many times."I have so many things running through my head about that.

  48. Yes, THANK YOU. Now where the heck is that second bottle… I put it somewhere… I know I did… the dang glass is empty…. grrrr….

  49. "yeah — she was so non-partisan, her book on Obama is scheduled to be released on or around on January during the swearing in of the next President (a Barak Obama win sure would help her book)"She didn't do anything, it's just a repug talking point, set up in advance in case Palin seriously screwed up….You'll notice you got no answer, because there was no problem.

  50. bizarre – some post-debate commentary from both sides on cnn is about stuff I didn't see – biden was angry and laughed loudly, palin was clear and persuasive, etc – wowbeen swell, guys – time for bed

  51. I was thinking the same thing, I mean, I was thinkin' the same thing as ya! she sounds like a dolt talkin like that. I wish she'd use actual endings instead of sounding like some cutesy bumpkin tryin to impress ya with how ordinary she is. I want to vote for someone I know is a fuckload smarter than I am.
    All she did was say a lot of words that mean nothing. She didn't answer any questions, would just move to topics that weren't on topic, oh we're talking taxes I want to go back to energy, and my ENERGY RICH STATE OF ALASKA. I didn't hear her mention Russia just being over the border did I miss that? surely she couldn't have let that slide.

  52. I watched the debate in its entirety, but I don't have anything insightful to add to this discussion. I just wanted to be part of a thread with 150+ comments. I've never seen one with that many. Way to go, mariser.

  53. I want to vote for someone I know is a fuckload smarter than I am. Exactly. I have a feeling that given a truck load of debate coaches, and a makeover/stylist, I could do the same thing she did. I have the same educational background, etc… I think I could hold my own with that woman. And I don't want that. I want someone smarter than me too. Who agrees with my principles. She didn't mention alaska. Too many jokes with binoculars, perhaps. My local news is going to do a report that is comparing each debater and the "facts" they presented, and whether or not they are true. I'll be watching that!

  54. I love you for saying the same thing about Winthrop that I said! Typically when you use a quote, you attribute it to the person who said it, not everyone who used it thereafter.

  55. I agree….much, much livelier than the first debate. I think Biden did very, very well and he did keep the eye-rolling under control. She seemed way, way too much like a chirpy, cheery cheerleader to me, but I don't think she stepped in it.

  56. whoa. you guys are rocking the comments. thanks!I'm going to shut the computer now and go clear my head.*kisses*

  57. I think you guys need to be the VP candidate. MUCH smarter and wiser. WISER… that's the difference. The only kicker is that you'd need to punt for the Republican team. 'Cause I don't think I want to give up Biden. covert spy/mole perhaps? ;)

  58. Well, as my History professor said today, "If there's one thing this proves, it's that anyone could end up as President in this country."
    The only trouble is, we don't want anyone to end up as President. I'd like someone with a modicum of intelligence, please.

  59. <— for your live blogging skillzI read Kim Jong as King Kong…maybe it's time for bed, lol. Great coverage! I think we all know who was more prepared..

  60. Gwen Ifill was fair, but she did not keep control.Hell no, she didn't. They might as well have done without her entirely & had audience members read each new question. "Moderator" my ass. Palin answered maaaaybe half the questions put to her; the rest of the time it was all folksy-isms and batted eyelashes and Actually I'm Just Going To Talk About The Energy Thing Some More, *giggle*I'd like to see Hillary give her one good backhanded smack.Biden wasn't great, but he was good. Heck, he was better than Gore, never mind that… other VP candidate.

  61. …oh, and the newk-yuh-ler thing will always bug me (and anyone with half a brain), and the Maverick mantra… but when did that Iranian wacko's name become "Acccgghmedinejad"?

  62. Wow, look at all the comments here. I was with friends watching the debate on TiVo so we could stop it and rewind, if needed. We had to rewind on the bridge to nowhere comment. That was awesome. I agree that Palin's form of speech is a little condescending, a little too Fargo-ish. I think she spent lots of time not answering the actual question. She did little talking about herself and mostly talked about John McCain. Biden was very good about talking about himself and pointing out the facts and answering most of the questions. He is a very good speaker and did a great job. Hopefully he swayed some people tonight. I thought Biden's closing remarks were awesome. Oh, and on the colbert report I just an ad for a new movie –

  63. She did little talking about herself and mostly talked about John McCain.
    Smartest thing she did.

  64. This is one issue that make my blood boil !!! Whoooopeeee SNOT….a $5,000 tax credit my butt. McCain would make us pay taxes on our health care benefits as if they were regular income….and then you only get the $ 5,000 CREDIT if you file the next year. Give me a break. This will hurt the working people who are depending on every penny of income to put gas in their tanks to drive to their jobs and by milk for their children…it takes money right out of their paychecks….so people would have to do without food and medicine and shoes for their children because they have to pay up every paycheck. Let's face it…there are people who are working crappy jobs at barely more than minimum wage because those jobs offer a measure of health care, but people who are barely getting by may not even make enough money that they even have to file a return. How is a $5,000 tax CREDIT going to help them ??? This is grossly unfair. It will only cripple the US economy even more….McCain is OUT OF TOUCH !!! And Sarah Palin….Joe Sixpack my butt on you too…..your healthcare reform plans make Joe Sixpack want to live in a Twelvepack haze just to ease the suffering.

  65. BTW….I am an educated person who can actually write a coherent, complete sentence, but not when I'm this fired up. So please forgive the ramble on sentences and poor sentence structure.

  66. Yeah…I want the extra credit too….just not the $5,000 tax credit so I can go buy some Walmart health care plan.

  67. Mariser! Nice work!The debate was fascinating. Palin is incredibly entertaining. What a show she pulled off.Of course there was spin on both sides so I'm not going there.In fairness, she did well.Palin lost my vote when she spoke about global warming/climate change:"We have got to encourage other
    nations also to come along with us with the impacts of climate change,
    what we can do about that."No, no darlin'. OTHER NATIONS have been "encouraging" US! Dimwit. It's America who needs to clean up its act. Biden bigtime scored my vote with how he said one word: "SPAIN!" I splatted into laughter for 5 minutes – oh that was funny! I hope it's on YouTube. Teho, I so agree about wishing Hillary had been on the debate stage last night. But, where did your Gore comment come from? Please. Quayle and Palin can't begin to touch Gore. We need to talk. :-p

  68. Thanks – again I missed the debate because I was on a plane coming back home…love these recaps to let me know what REALLY happened. You should have your own pundit show!

  69. But, where did your Gore comment come from? Please. Quayle and Palin can't begin to touch Gore. Maybe THESE days, OK. I'm talking about back when it counted. Al shot himself in the foot a coupla times (the infamous eye-roll comes to mind).Also, y'know, I'm talking about Biden giving better debate than Gore, not Quayle or Palin, yeesh. IMNSHO they can't begin to touch either one.

  70. The other thing she said I wanted to smack her for was when she talked about spreading democracy or somesuch to the countries n the middle east and she said about them not having WOMEN'S RIGHTS like we do and I was thinking, you c**t, you want to take some of those away from us right here, DONTCHA?

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