“health” of the mother – in air quotes

one of the defining moments of last night's debate.   clip via TPM, also available via YT

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16 thoughts on ““health” of the mother – in air quotes

  1. j took the words right out of my mouth.I sat there and shot the finger at him multiple times throughout the debate — and that's not like me. He just totally pisses me off…&:o(

  2. I hope you're right pyrit. (knock on wood.)The more I see Obama, the more I respect him and the more excited I am at the thought of having him for our next President.

  3. Eloquence is NOT a dirty word!That was a bitter and jealous comment he made, because he talks down to everyone and can't help it. It's about time we got some eloquence back in the White House.

  4. "Health of the mother" is a damn big thing to pish away…it's like pregnancy is a Biblical punishment, that's what you get for being born a girl. And not being a nun.
    If McCain doesn't remember how many houses he owns, do you think he remembers how many children he's adopted?

  5. Well, I've had to let go of my anger and frustration with this election, otherwise I was going to go nuts. The reason it makes me sad is because the impression I get with his behavior and terminology (pro-abortion for example) in this little snapshot, is that he really continues to fail when it comes to women. I've never got the impression that he was sincere in his attitude that women are equal (trophy wife, trophy VP) and this adds to my opinion. And that's what makes me sad. I feel like I'm worth more than "air quotes".

  6. you know, I had thought that mith McCain I had pretty much hit the limit of how much I could dislike a person.But he surprised me last nightNow I go to 11

  7. "I sat there and shot the finger at him multiple times throughout the debate — and that's not like me." Ha ha ha ha! So did Karin (my wife). Not like her, either, but McCain just inspires the worst in otherwise gentle people.The air quotes over "health of the mother" made me so angry I had to leave the room. It betrayed McCain's utter hatred of women (as if his affair, repeated misogynistic epithets, and VP pick didn't make that fact clear enough).You know, I never would have thought anyone could make Dubya look completely benign by comparison. Gah.

  8. Ugh. McCain is so completely sucky. I just read a quote by Tina Fey. She said (paraphrased) "If she (sarah palin) wins, I am done. And I don't mean done imitating her, I mean done on this planet."Wow. I try not to "hate" people, too. But, it's difficult.

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