and our next participant on the walk of shame is

Democratic representative Tim Mahoney of Florida's 16th district (Palm Beach)!

"No marriage is perfect," … "but our private life is our private life"  – Tim Mahoney

is that so, fucktard?  I think not.  two years ago you were all too happy when Rep. Foley's private life became public. and you were pontificating all over the place about how ethical and righteous you were.  and now it appears you were juggling two affairs and are an asshole.   go crawl into a hole.

what do they put in the water in Florida?  fuck.

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11 thoughts on “and our next participant on the walk of shame is

  1. I have no idea how they live with themselves. my favorite/cringeworthiest part of the clip is right at the beginning when he's reading his statement and comes to "…my wife Terry…" and then turns and kind of nods at his wife. jackass

  2. "…how do these people live with themselves????" Mutant morals, crippled compassion, and a dramatically stunted sense of logic. I'd go so far as to say the thing that inspires people like you and me ask such a question is the very same as that keeping us from entering politics for a living.It truly is an exercise in deciding which are the least evil of our choices. Republicans may favor freedom while Democrats champion equality, but they certainly all seem to agree on the profound importance of deception and smug blamelessness.*sigh* Only eighteen days to go…

  3. these are the people, I think, that if you had known them in high school or college, you would probably roll your eyes and say "I'm really not that surprised." soulless bastards.

  4. was Kenley the evil one in Pwoject Wunway? I managed to not watch any of this PW without even trying.saw you recap – good, succint, brutal. [golf clap]

  5. It still completely pisses me off that one of these wives won't step up to the mic when their fucktard husbands are apologizing and say "Shut the fuck up you asshole, you are a lying sack of shit and no amount of yapping makes you anything better."

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