oh the quaintness

a three-man garage band has setup across the street and have been playing all afternoon.  an actual-to-goodness-band-with-instruments-and-everything.   when I first heard them earlier I turned to teh SO and said, oh, the college kids next door got Rock Band?
nope. 'tis a real band, a power trio.

why am I posting about it? 

they've been riffing on StH for the last 45 minutes.  at least.
and I'm not ready to kill them yet.

the kids are good.

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7 thoughts on “oh the quaintness

  1. indeed. 'tis our cross to bear 6x times a year, when the local college has its home games. we live ½-mile from the stadium.so val, what are you up to this lovely Fall evening? we miss seeing you…

  2. Wasting my day on a migraine. Hurts to do anything, hurts to do nothing. So I've just been sitting zoned out looking at real estate on the web instead of prepping my own house for market. I know how to live it up on a Saturday night!

  3. sucks about the migraine. but looking at a computer screen can't be good.it is easy to get sucked in looking at real estate, though. pages and pages of houses and houses…

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