who’s this baby?

such a cute tyke.  to think he grew up into this scowling fellow (of an enviable height)

thanks for playing

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18 thoughts on “who’s this baby?

  1. hilarious that people said me! we didn't have a cypress tree in our back yard. and my mom wasn't THAT hell-bent on passing me off as a boy.
    still I take it as a compliment.
    I certainly hope I don't have a porntastic mustache and receding hairline like that in 12 years. 'course, I'll be lucky if I'm still alive.

  2. I know! I was cracking up each time *you* were mentioned. …you do have the crinkly smiley eyes and chubby pinchable cheeks in common.I hope you never have a receding hairline like that.

  3. Oh. I thought the bebeh looked like cranky too. Definitely something about the eyes.

  4. My first guess was based on a comparison to the "magical high chair" and the "red toughskins" photos. I thought this was the "vacation in Ireland with hand knitted woolens" photo.

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