Pepper is under the tuxie curse

I have to thank LT and TK's recent ordeal* for making me hyperaware of odd cleaning/licking/straining behavior in our two male cats.  and what do you know, yesterday evening, Pepper, our 8?-year-old tuxie started to show signs of discomfort – licking and licking at the bits, crying out a bit, acting under strain.   he wasn't feverish or bloated,  but we figured the writing on the wall.   confirmed later that night when teh SO found a few drops of pee in three different places (none of them a litterbox).

fast forward to this afternoon and the vet visit:  Pepper has stones (lots) in his bladder, which have irritated his bladder walls, caused an infection, and are too big to pass naturally.  this was confirmed via x-rays and ultrasound.  so there will be surgery next week to remove the stones.  have to wait a week as the tuxie is on steroids to reduce the inflammation of the bladder and antibiotics to fight the infection.

*which is over, we hope for good.  hallelujah.

is there a tuxie curse?   tom, if you read this, keep an eye on BrotherWind.

Pepper is such a sweet cat.  no bratitude, no tuxitude.  he trends more towards eeyoretude.  he gets sad and he is in pain, but he always assumes is his fault or something he did. and he doesn't hold a grudge. 
take what happened a few minutes ago when we  gave him his antibiotic pill: not having given him a pill before, there was some trepidation as to how he'd react. 
we didn't need worry.  teh SO just sat Pepper on his lap, barely opened his mouth, dropped the pill and massaged his throat to get it down.  halfway through the process Pepper was purring…

we are hopeful that is being treated early enough to avoid a blockage.  fingers crossed.

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21 thoughts on “Pepper is under the tuxie curse

  1. Poor Pepper! I wonder if his Eeyoreishness was because he felt some effect of the stones for some time before the situation got acute. Maybe after the surgery he'll be a whole new happycat.

  2. awww…poor Pepper. What a good boy to take his pill so cooperatively for you. Poor sweetheart.I hope the meds make him feel better until surgery and I hope the surgery clears it all up for good for heem.How many kittycats do you have mariser?Please give Pepper a love from me.

  3. well, he's been with us, a year exactly next week. I hope he hadn't been dealing with stones all that time.another example of how VOX has been useful in unexpected ways: Pepper was so low-key in his distress that it would have not been difficult to miss what was going on until he'd been yowling like poor TK was.

  4. I was so mad when my vet told me that commercial cat food has ash added to it and that it is what causes so many stones and so many urinary tract blockages and infections in male cats. My Dexter died from it. He was twenty but still. We had no idea that we were poisoning him every day by giving him regular canned food and the ash crystalized and blocked his little tally wacker and he went toxic and passed before he was even diagnosed. It happened in a day and a half.
    I am so glad that you were able to spot his actions and get him help. I wish all three of you and the others good luck. Yes, the Tuxedos have been having lots of trouble lately. LT's little funnel head looked so cute with his shaved boo boo and satellite dish. Good luck and keep us posted.

  5. Brother Wind sends his elegant best, as does his hooman. I hope Dr P heals wonderfully and painlessly.

  6. The vet told me the stones could be from his diet or most likely in Kentucky from the water (dissolved Limestone). Gives humans kidney stones and kitties bladder stones.

  7. Good, kind, warm, and healing thoughts to Dear Pepper Cat and his loving family. Hope all is well real soon !!

  8. poor woeful boy! (sounds like the personality and trials of Tumbleweed) hope the drugs help him feel better till he can be operated on. looks like him needs to drink filtered or distilled water so it won't happen again? get filters on all the faucets for the benefit of all critters? we gave TK distilled H2O during his whole crisis.hope the one operation is enough.glad the TK crisis helped him out. in return we demand pix of the shaved Pepperbutt and esp. any conehead action.

  9. Aww, I wish for the best for Pepper. I give my cat Harvey a 1/4 pill every day for his asthma (and an inhaler) and he's an easy cat to pill. Tom, on the other hand, does not like to be handled that way. I hope all goes well with the surgery!

  10. thanks everyone for your kind thoughts. P. had an ok night, he's peeing a little with a bit of blood. no yowling, no fever. vet told us to expect that, so for now we wait.
    thanks for the distilled water idea, LT – I'll pick some up on the way home.

  11. uhoh… Boo is kind of a tuxie. But she whines ALL the time and couldn't lick her bits if she wanted (she has lots of belly blubber from a childhood illness). I'd never know if she was really ill unless she took to sleeping all day.Hope Pepper is better ASAP! I'm so glad you paid attention to the warning signs and actually went to the vet right away! Good luck!!

  12. Darn!!! Poor Pepper, but he would have been a whole lot worse off if you hadn't caught it right away!!Will keep sending good vibes his way, and Lord K's way, too! You all need to drink distilled water!

  13. All tuxes should be innoculated against this tuxie toxin. Sorry to get to this late, but my wishes for Pepper's betterment are no less sincere. Sending out Best Wishes to Pepper and Pepper's Parents.

  14. Poor Peppie! I'm so glad you caught it in time and hope he has a speedy recovery. Get well, little boy.

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