my invisible friends can beat your invisible friends

at giving presents, fer shure.

via a gracious uncle*, the lovely, talented and graciouser Subhangi sent me some awesomeness.
check it.

the wisest god

I love it!   am still trying to decide an appropriate placement.  suggestions are welcome

a set of coa…  an art piece in the form of coasters

the coasters glint and shimmer

if anyone ever attempts to use them as coasters, like by putting a glass atop any of them, I'll kill them.

one more shot of my treasure trove

thanks again, Subhi!  I'm not worthy.

* and please thank your gracious uncle for me.  I would, but the address on the package was from a shipping facility.

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10 thoughts on “my invisible friends can beat your invisible friends

  1. I've seen Indian cabdrivers attach their Ganesh figurines to the dashboard, kinda like the plastic Jesuses and Marys we have in our country. But I think Ganesh is the god of wealth and good fortune, so maybe there's a special spot in your house that could use a money magnet?Cute figurine, by the way. I have a Ganesh sticker for my car, but I hate the thought of putting it where it'll be exposed to the elements and car washes. I'm wondering if I should put inside of my wallet. ;-)

  2. I've seen Indian cabdrivers attach their Ganesh figurines to the dashboard,…ooooo, great idea! it may help make my much hated commute more bearable. I'll have to get some kind of clear encasement to make sure Ganesh is protected.

  3. PS, you're one of my invisible friends and…oh wait. you're not invisible anymore…nevermind. ;-)
    I wouldn't want you to beat Subhangi anyway.

  4. Wheeeee! My Ganesh has a twin in the US! :DEvery driver that we saw in India had Ganesh on their dashboard. Without fail!Mine is sitting atop my computer tower at the moment, watching me type!I loved those coasters when I saw them over there, too! I brought home a marble elephant with that beautiful inlay work on it!!! Hooray for our peeps around the world! :D

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