how to fix a-damn-close-to-lousy-day

is been a cold, rainy, blustery day.
Monday, to top it off.
after work had to run a few errands under the chilly drizzle

get home feeling tired, drained, tired.

what to do?

– carry your gear inside
– turn on all the lights
– boil water for tea
– pet the cats
– fix a *large* mug of tea
– while the tea brews, cue this song

– set on repeat (minimum 6x)
– turn up the volume
– another notch
– settle back with your tea
optional:  sing along


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29 thoughts on “how to fix a-damn-close-to-lousy-day

  1. With the possible exception of No More Shall We Part, Abattoir Blues/The Lyre of Orpheus is my favorite Nick Cave release. There's a used copy of it at one of my music shops. Every time I go in there I want to buy it…even though I already own the thing, of course.It's a cold, rainy blistery day here, too. I chose Robyn Hitchcock to get me through it, but Nick Cave would've worked.(Nice shirt.)

  2. I'm a bit torn. not too keen on Lyre, but a big fan of Abattoir. my current fave is Lazarus. I can't get enough of it, I wish they'd played the entire thing at the Philly show. No More and Tender Pray are right up there crowding Lazarus.(thanks)

  3. heh. the pic is from this past weekend. wasn't so tired are welcome. I'll keep posting NC NC NC! songs as long as they let me.

  4. But Lyre has "Breathless" on it. That's one of my top Nick Cave songs. I consider Abattoir/Lyre one release anyway…like the two sides of an LP.

  5. totally see your point. I'm not sure why I think of them as separate, but they each have a different vibe. Lyre is a bit theatrical, a bit more formal than Abattoir.I am curious – above, when you talk about wanting to buy Abattoir/Lyre though you already own it, are you talking about an identical copy? or the extended one of the tour with the DVDs? I'm wanting to get that one

  6. No, it's the exact same CD version I already own…both albums in a slipcase. I just get personally offended when I think of someone selling Abattoir/Lyre back to a used music store. I want to give it a home.

  7. I don't have this one yet but I like the song. I was just on Amazon and this dickhead didn't include Nick Cave (as far as I could tell) in his 1,000 recordings you should hear before you die or whatever the nonsense is. I didn't like that dickhead when he wrote for the Inquirer when I was in HS and I think I was right to feel that way! Dickhead.

  8. those kinds of lists are mostly useless. their role is to get people righteously angry about their faves which are missing.I don't know the guy and take your word as to his dickheadedness. I did take a quick glance and noted a couple of things:- the list includes NC NC NC!!! major influences (Leonard Cohen, Johnny Cash, Johnny Lee Hooker, yet leaves teh Nick out. odd- at least the author is trying to be not completely Anglo- or Yurop-centric: there are Spanish, Hindi, etc. performers. he gets a few consolation points for that.still a dickhead.

  9. For your information, it's 55 degrees in my house and my fingers are kind of frozen. Typing is very difficult right now. The "I" is next to the "U"; I only missed by one letter.

  10. ow! sorry to hear about the blisters.<snort>. good catch there, ms. pants!. and mdash can't go fix it…'tis in me blog and only I have the powerBwahahah

  11. Yeah, I saw Cash and Cohen but he would have to be a Major Dickhead to leave either of those 2 obvys out.
    But there is no where to discuss on there what a dickhead he is for leaving out Nick Cave. Oh, I have to go back and see if I can give him partial cred for Chris Whitley (most likely his debut if it's there). I did see Ryan Adams Heartbreaker which is a good choice.
    Okay, I was right, he had Living With The Law so he gets some credit. I saw Tom Waits on there too. I give him credit for the general variety but there isn't a lot of originality or I should say non-obvious choices in there really. I don't know. I hate lists like that anyway.
    I remember he used to do reviews of albums and concerts (maybe he still does) and although I was just a pipsqueak back then he gave mediocre reviews to some good stuff (specifically what, I don't know but probably stuff like early REM and stuff my sister & I liked and he was definitely more mainstream back then. Perhaps he has gotten better over the years.

  12. I know, I know, it's just a very rare occurrence to see you make a typo so I just had to tweak the nose, especially since it read funny.

  13. tee hee! it will haunt him forever!
    And I keep thinking I'm on my page again! it's like deja vu all over again with the NICK CAVE NICK CAVE NICK CAVE banner! hee!

  14. all I need is for the Phillies to go ahead and win the WS. I'm going to go watch now. hope you have a pleasant evening, stephel.

  15. it is MISERABLE out. like 40 degrees and raining. Elvy thought he wanted to go out but turned tail as soon as I opened the door. I don't care how much $$ these guys make, I feel bad that anyone has to be out in this tonight. It is TEH ICK.

  16. it's now 39 degrees and tied at 2. ugh. come on Phils, you don't want to go to sunny Florida!!! not till spring training!

  17. I also meant to suggest you become a dog person. They like to sit on laps to keep warm and therefore keep you warm too. Like the band name Three Dog Night. It's how one keeps warm when you are poor, or cheap, or in my case have a shitty heating system downstairs. Or you could have your nurse make you some hot cocoa.

  18. If a dog sat on me, I would feel obligated to immediately get up and take a shower. Most dogs I've met are smelly.

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