Philadelphia bliss

congratulations to the Phillies.  way to go the distance.

watch the last out amidst the roars. 




that'll do, boys. that'll do.   'til next year.

I heart No 10.  at minute 1:51 he crawls out from under the pile and jumps on top.

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8 thoughts on “Philadelphia bliss

  1. Go Phillies Go Phillies Go Phillies Go Go!Go Phillies Go Phillies Go Phillies Go Go!!We are the Champeens We are the Champeens&:o)(ha! The whole time I was watching the dog pile on the pitcher I kept thinking 1. Don't break him!! and2. Bugs Bunny singing "Dog Pile on the Wabbit – Dog Pile on the Wabbit!"&:o)

  2. I wrote the same thing to Cap'n Crook last night – " Guys, that's a good way to break your pitcher, good thing you don't need him again till next season."

  3. Sorry, I was rooting for the Rays. I have a thing for their second baseman, Akinori Iwamura. I knew they weren't really on a par with the Phillies, though. I was hoping for an upset, but I didn't place any money on the Rays in the office Series pool. I can't afford to lose any more on a sentimental gamble. *sigh*

  4. I have a thing for their second baseman, Akinori Iwamura.
    can't blame you there. he's cute. and the Rays will have their day in the sun. just not today. today is the Phillies'

  5. *whispers* I thought Tampa Bay would win because they took that evil word "devil" out of their team name. ;)Kiddingk. Kiddingk.

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