a word of advice


9 thoughts on “a word of advice

  1. If I know I can't post every day, can I pre-post to make up for my absence? I'm not sure what the rules are.

  2. LOL!I can't take pressure. How pathetic am I?And they have now cut us off completely from the internet at work. *CRAI*

  3. Good luck. NaBloPoMo (there has to be a better name) comes at the wrong time of the year for me to participate, but I look forward to others.

  4. Those cops could probably take that ninja man if they weren't so hung up on their walkie-talkies. C'mon, guys, put down your walkie-talkies and use your freakin' clubs!

  5. AmyH If you do your blog with your NABLPOMO site you can tell it when you want the blog to post. This comes in handy for Thanksgiving and theose annoying Spanish tests I have that suck all my time as I study for them.

  6. ames, annie is right. mostly. ;)if you sign-up in the "official" nablopomo site and create a blog there, you can create a post and set up a future time in which it will be published. VOX does not have that feature. <—- boo, hiss.still, we are just doing this for the fun of it, non?

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