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on this my third year playing along with National Blog Posting Month  – yes, hotrod, the name sucks.  whaddaya gonna do – thought I'd try something a bit different, blogging on a theme.  quite different from my previous nablopomo attempts, and hell, my blog overall, which is all over the fucking place.

so for this theme approach, I'll be digging into the side of my music collection that is not seen much in VOX: music from several Latin American countries, from different periods and musical styles.

again, I don't much trust to be successful at doing this, but the rough outline is four weeks with a different focus each:

week 1  -  traditional Cuban son, boleros, Puerto Rico big bands  (mostly 1940s-1960s)
week 2  -  salsa, Nueyorican sound (1970s-1980s, some later and current)
week 3  -  protest songs, the Nueva Trova de Cuba (1970-1990s, some later)
week 4 -   Brazil – Tropicalia, samba, bossa nova (1950s-current)
               things that don't fit anywhere else – tango, for example

we'll see what happens

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11 thoughts on “trying on a theme

  1. Looking forward to seeing the posts! Also think all you folks doing NaBloPoMo this year are inspiring me to do it – I'll try to get my first post of the month out here in a little bit. No theme for me though, I'm going to have enough problems getting in posts without trying to tie it to a theme, but more props to you for doing so!E2c – To add album art to the music, you need to embed the art into the tags of the mp3 file prior to posting it. There are many mp3 tagging programs that do this for you, MediaMonkey and mp3Tag being two that I've used with success.

  2. ah, ross beat me to it. thanks, ross!(very excited to see you thinking of jumping on the nablopomo pool. you've been scarce round these parts)e2c, there is a nice long wordy explanation on how to add cover art etc on the calliope no. 8 group page. look on the right-hand side labeled "ABOUT THIS GROUP", click on "read more" and scroll down to the Calliope FAQ. the instructions for using iTunes are there and a link to a post by Papi Chulo (formerly known as Pants Party) to add cover art using Windowsbtw, I'm on Windows. I use audioshell tag editor <—-click to download

  3. Thank, and you know, I'm really looking forward to your music posts. I mean, my MP3 blog is *not* a good place for "Latin" music in general – Brazilian, yes, but the rest? Nah.

  4. Awesome – if you already have MediaMonkey, you can either add art to files manually (open the file properties, go to album art tab, add the art and save) or do the "tag from web" option on the right-click menu of a file to open up a search of Amazon's albums. Uncheck everything but the album art and it won't overwrite the rest of your tag information – it'll just download and embed the art from Amazon into your file.I forgot about audioshell tag editor – I've used that tool, that's also a great one…

  5. I think I'll like week 1 and 4 a whole lot (I dig Son and Samba a whole lot) But, can I ask a question? Do you like more contemporary Latin sounds, or are you just into the traditional stuff? I ask because besides the traditional stuff, I like much more contemporary stuff from the Norteno Corridos to the Brazillian samba-death Metal hybrids. I don't much care for most hip hop, but Orishas are really good, by their integration of Cuban music with their political hip hop. So, I'm curious…

  6. good question, max. I think I'm more into the traditional stuff. could be because I don't have much chance to hear the newer stuff.I know that Norteño music has *evolved* quite a bit over the last few years or sofunny you mentioned Orishas; I just heard them for the first time a few days ago on very interesting.

  7. Here's a few different latin artists I like;
    Seu Jorg( and Ana Carolina), Los Tigres del Norte, X Alfonso, descember bueno, and yes, Orishas…

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