SNL opening 11/01/2008 – the McCain-Palin QVC show

the McCain we knew and liked in 2000. funny, self-deprecating.

best moment @ minute 2:30

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6 thoughts on “SNL opening 11/01/2008 – the McCain-Palin QVC show

  1. I laughed during the sketch, but afterwards I actually felt sad for McCain. You're right, four years ago he was a likable, down to earth guy whom even a progressive Democrat could like. Now, I don't even recognize that geezer making the speeches about "That One." I miss the old McCain.

  2. Haha, yep I remember this guy. I hadn't heard much about him before, but the more I heard about him them (well, almost everything I heard), the more I liked him. True colours and all that, I guess. Sad, really.

  3. He looks so much happier and more comfortable with Tina Fey than with the real Palin.Maybe after he loses, he can get back to being a nicer guy and elder statesman again.

  4. I was going to vote for him. I used to live in Arizona, and I knew the man to be straightforward most of his career. So, straightforward that he could reach across the aisle, and he could alienate his own party. But, it's telling that he caved in to his party when they put in the trained gibbon, instead of him. Had he really the courage of the convictions he claimed, he would have gone independant in 2000, or 2001 at the latest. But, no, he stuck with the party and fell in line. Over the past 8 years he had frittered away any integrity he had. The final straw was bringing in Palin. At that point I lost all respect I ever had for him. So, yes, he was funny on SNL. Yes, there was a flash of the man he used to pretend to be, but notice what I am saying there: I no longer even believe in the pre-2000 McCain, because he sold that guy out so thoroughly.

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