a gozar timbero (son montuno)

the late lamented Tito Puente was very much one of the great ones. bandleader and "king del timbal", he'll never be forgotten. 
"son montuno" (mountain son) is a version of the Cuban son that shows deeper African roots.

an entire generation was introduced to Tito Puente when he guested on The Simpsons.   hearTito P. singing "his song of revenge" to "Señor Burns":

sorry, can't find the actual clip.  'tis hilarious, though.  part II of "Who Shot Mr. Burns" from season 4? or 5?

sing along if you'd like:

Wounds won't last long
but an insulting song
Burns will always carry with him
So I'll settle my score
on the Salsa floor
with this vengeful Latin rhythm!
Con el corazón de perro
Señor Burns!
¡El diablo con dinero!
It may not surprise you
but all of us despise you
please die, and fry
in hell, you rotten
rich, old wretch!
¡Adios viejo!

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4 thoughts on “a gozar timbero (son montuno)

  1. Con el corazón de perro Señor Burns!That was one of the best Simpson episodes I had seen in a long while. And Tito was muy terrifico!

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