con los anos que me quedan, una semana sin ti

a couple of old boleros by contemporary interpreters

09-9.- Una Semana Sin Ti
Pablo Milanes

Gloria Estefan sings Con los anos que me quedan  (With the years I have left)  at the 2006 Alma awards

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7 thoughts on “con los anos que me quedan, una semana sin ti

  1. Oh hey, I'm a sucker for boleros! And i played that Gloria CD to death for the 1st couple of years after it came out. It was so refreshing to hear the old son with a new twist (pun intentional, of course ;)).

  2. e2c, that was beautiful. I am a sucker for boleros; they can't be sappy, over-the-top enough for me. Manuel Puig wrote a great deal about boleros and had a great influence on my appreciation of them.

  3. Oh, I'm the same way, but I'm only just starting to appreciate the best sappy lyrics – my Spanish is pretty well non-existent, but I've picked up *just* enough Portuguese to "get" some of the lines in a sort of Portunol/gringa way…. ;)

  4. Thanks for the link – I know his name, but haven't read any of his novels (yet). Betrayed by Rita Hayworth is one of the best titles evar!

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