"Brothers should pull up their pants.. Some
people might not want to see your underwear –
I'm one of them"

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24 thoughts on “word

  1. OMG, really? He actually said this? That's fantastic! Did he add that nobody wants to see the brothers holding their dicks up with their hands through their baggy pants, either?

  2. These are some of the kinds of things that I really want to hear. Our new President has given us so many reasons to be proud of him and I think that the least we can do is to return the favor.
    Dress like you've got some sense in your head, fellas. Ladies too!

  3. He said that during an interview with Sway on MTV – he also said that Sway's dreads were "tight." Go on, brush your shoulder off…(I'm hoping Jay-Z gets asked to the Inaugural Ball)

  4. See, if I'd read this quote before the election, I would totally have voted for him instead!(And why did the font on the page suddenly get really tiny?)

  5. This will be fun. I can't wait to hear old tightie white people trying to be cool and picking up on slang. My friend Will signs e-mails and texts with the number 6. That is the new way to use the "N" word if you are young and black and hip. I had to call him and ask him what it meant,lol. He signed something "I gotcha 6".
    6 what? What did he get me 6 of ? He's a fake thug so he uses all the slang. The "N' word has six letters so that is what it represents. I'll write to him and sign it 666,lol. Although he could get offended and think I'm calling him something repeatedly.

  6. AMEN, Mr.IG!!!This SO ROCKS, mariser!!! I am sending this quote right away to my parents. Hubby and I just had dinner with them and they wanted to know "what was so great" about Obama. Hee. We happily and calmly told all that we could, but here's another thing! YES!!!

  7. if I'd read this quote before the election, I would totally have voted for him instead!LMAO! Exactly…finally, a platform we can all get behind. Hee!

  8. Seriously. Anyone who tells these little thugs to pull their drawers up is okay by me. We were at a restaurant today, and there was some 30-year-old white guy with saggy pants. I wanted to tell him, dude, it's ludicrous enough on little teenage boys. You're a man now. Dress like one!

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