Mi gente

salsa music originated in the Puerto Rican enclaves of New York.

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3 thoughts on “Mi gente

  1. Lol!!!I just love it when peeps are passionate about things. I was just reading about Lord K's cameras. And I know e2c and mariser and cranky lurves the music! I think I am so….eclectic….I love a little bit about everything…but I don't "specialize" in anything…that I always love to read about people who are "experts" on a subject.(sorry for the babbling)

  2. I miss the ethnicity of New York and Los Angeles. I had so many PR friends in NY and so many South American friends in LA and always loved going to gatherings. My friends Giovanni and Gesenia could salsa dance at a party and bring the crowd to a frenzie. Of course they would try to get "white guy" to dance. "No! You're not suppose to move your upper body. Yust da yeggs Mayke. Yust da yeggs". The music was always the focal point (and the food). Two of my favorite things.

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