Pedro Navaja

Mack the Knife, aka The Ballad of Mack the Knife, originally Die Moritat von Mackie Messer, is a song composed by Kurt Weil with lyrics by Bertold Brecht for The Three Penny Opera (Die Dreigroschenoper).  the song has enjoyed popularity for almost 80 years, being covered by many, many performers. 

Ruben Blades, the Panamenian singer and composer (sorry, Drude for making you homesick for Panama), recreated "Mack the Knife" as "Pedro Navaja" in 1970s Bronx. it is a great song.

03-pedro navaja - ruben blades
Ruben Blades and Willy Colon

NOTE:  I have a *tiny bit* of a thing for "Mack the Knife" and have collected dozens of versions.  Mack was a favorite during the golden age of American jazz and big band.  here are a couple of exemplars:

the lovely Ella and the Duke

the two Louis*

*sorry for the lack of cover art.  I've had this for ages and can't locate the album it originally came from

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