te recuerdo Amanda, caminemos, caminemos

Victor Jara was a Chilean teacher, singer, and poet.  a couple of days after the coup d'etat that overthrew Chilean President Salvador Allende, Jara was arrested, tortured, and killed.  the identity of those responsible has not been found.
in 1998, an album of Jara's songs, Tributo a Victor Jara, was released.  here are a couple of tracks.

Sol y Lluvia, sings Caminando, caminando

Silvio Rodriguez sings one of Jara's best known songs, Te recuerdo Amanda

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3 thoughts on “te recuerdo Amanda, caminemos, caminemos

  1. Marty Willson-Piper told the sad story of Victor Jara when I saw him last spring. I posted the song a couple months ago, dunno if you saw it.

  2. no I hadn't seen where you had posted the song. I remember your review of Marty Willson-Piper's show, but not this song. thanks for the linkage!is good to know that Victor Jara is being remembered.

  3. These songs are so beautiful.. What a fascinating man. I am taking Spanish at College and our Professor teaches us lots about spanish history from all over the world. As well as how to put the languiage together. Thanks for sharing all this stuff Mariser.

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