file under “lines I wish I had thought of first”

from The Consumerist:


Walmart will be offering the iPhone starting December 28th… which means that the new "most fun thing to say to people with iPhones" is now officially, "Hey, did you get that at Walmart?"




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11 thoughts on “file under “lines I wish I had thought of first”

  1. the iPhone has been out since Summer 2007. it is now on its 2nd generation.
    sorry to disappoint, crom, but I think the zinger is making fun more of the Apple fanboys and fangirls than it is of WallyWorld.

  2. Bwahahaha! (Oh and Red, Best Buy sold Macs for years and then stopped, so that's nothing new. I bought one there in 1993.)

  3. I think the Yugo dealership selling Hummers is what you were going for.The yuppie/scenester cred will drop through the floor, but it will be good for geeks.

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