a Pepper update

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Pepper is doing just great, thank you very much.  I'll embarrass him by showing a picture of his (barely) fuzzy belly:

you can see the scar and the growing fuzz.  it cracks me up, how well separated the white fur and black fur areas are.

Pepper's vet called a couple of nights ago.  they got the analysis from the stones they removed from Pep's bladder. they are deposits of magnesium phosphate, most likely caused by diet, and the fact that "there ain't enough vinegar in his piss" just like what happened to TK,  so he gets to go on Rx food. 
I got the food last night, and Pep, being the angel he is, ate it without complaint. the other two cats?  one word answer: pleh

Pepper  is mad at me over the picture above, so he refused to pose for me.

Pleez to not take my pictureI said no pictures


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7 thoughts on “a Pepper update

  1. haha!! You were snubbed by a cat…too funny…&:o)I'm glad he's doing so good though, mariser. Please rub that squishy fuzzy kitty belleh for me, ok?

  2. I'm so glad Pepperito likes the speshul foodz and the others don't. is perfect solution. I hope it works for him. cruncheez or wet or both?I <3 the bald-ish tummy. the lines between the colors crack me up too.I have some acidifier I didn't use on TK and lost the receipt for. cranberry and methonine. hope Pep does better than TK.

  3. Pepper is mad at me over the picture above, so he refused to pose for me.Oho, so he is a normal cat after all! I was afraid he was turning into a fur saint, and after awhile his head would start glowing from the halo forming around it. (Or maybe he already has one. He does sound like a sweetie.)

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