exploe coracao, sonho impossivel

Maria Bethania is one of the grande dames of Brazilian popular music.  she has sang across styles and genres and made them her own.

01-Exploe Coração
Maria Bethânia

this one will be familiar to fans of musical theater

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3 thoughts on “exploe coracao, sonho impossivel

  1. When I stopped drinking 21 years ago, I initially had to change what music I listened to. I had drinking associations with all of my music. So, I bought a CD player (they had just come out), and whenever I wanted to buy a bottle of whiskey, I would buy a CD instead. But it had to be of music with which I was unfamiliar. The two largest gaps in my musical knowledge were in with medieval/renaissance music, and international music. At some point, I came across Maria Bethania; this was the first album of hers I owned. I listened to her collaboration with Jeanne Moreau of Poema dos olhos da amada over and over again.

  2. I'm happy to hear that Maria Bethania's music helped you through the process of stopping to drink.thanks for the link, it is beautiful

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