thanks VOX!

I am quick at complaining about what I see as problems/shortcomings here in VOX.  

I should also be quick to give kudos and props.

over the last two months it was as if loading a VOX page was a crapshoot with a < 50% chance of making it: I'm not the only one who noticed (and complained about) the blank pages, the "sorry, but you have reached…", the long delays, etc., etc. etc.   so I am grateful to note that in the last few days the occurrence of all these delays and annoyances has decreased sharply – there are still some, but is more like 10% of the time. 

I don't know what you did, VOX, but thanks.  this is where I hang out and where my friends are.


NOTE 1:  this is my personal experience.  some of you out there may still be experiencing problems or may not have had problems at all.

NOTE 2: it may very well be that VOX did nothing and all the navigation problems came and left of their own accord


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5 thoughts on “thanks VOX!

  1. Recently, I've had loads of problems, too. Maybe the past 2 weeks? It's cleared up for me at least since this weekend.

  2. I can pretty much count on a blank-page load every time I log on to Vox and maybe one out of 5 neighbors I click on. I'll have to wander around more this week, see if it's any better. But it wasn't when I logged on this a.m.

  3. I was getting those messages a half dozen times a day. It was incredibly frustrating. I haven't gotten any in a couple weeks, though.

  4. I think you get random outages at most website, I'm used to it and overall vox have been pretty stable for me anyway.

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