watch the shit hit the fan in 5…4…3..


UPDATE::  excerpts of the incriminating conversations  via TSG 

a Senate appointment "is a fucking valuable thing,

you just don't give it away for nothing."

edited: 20081209@1220


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7 thoughts on “uh-oh

  1. My office is in a tizzy over this – we're all political junkies, so being in Chicago is pretty interesting right now. I can't believe he was such an idiot to try to sell the seat – we're the new Louisiana!

  2. I can imagine y'alls tizzy. this stuff ain't supposed to happen in Illinois – what a jackass.
    I can't wait to hear Rush Limbaugh having an apoplexy over this one

  3. They were joking about it out here – how the seat would eventually show up on eBay. I thought what a shame it was that I didn't have PayPal.

  4. I was shocked listening to some of the transcripts on npr last night. What is it with Illinois governors? Personally, my favorite comment was his response to the Obama camp paying them in 'gratitude' – I believe he said, "fuck them". :-) Lovely chap.

  5. Chicago != Illinois. Just like NYC != New York, Hollywood != California. :) Not that I'm defending my state…. I don't think people intentionally vote for jackasses. I mean politicians.

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