share your Christmas cheer!

…or complaints.  is all good.

originated in Birmingham ( known as "the arsehole of England"), the Complaints Choir eventually reached US shores. here it is,  The Complaints Choir of Chicago

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4 thoughts on “share your Christmas cheer!

  1. What a great way to get people to laugh at life! And turn it into a communal creative enterprise to boot. Excellent, mariser, thanks! This kind of stuff makes me love people.

  2. I agree. what I love most is that it was created in a workshop and the public was invited – I bet it was not only fun but cathartic. you may remember that a year or so ago, fatcat posted a video of the Helsinki complaints choir. that's when I first found out about them.

  3. Love that the Helsinki guys came over to lead the workshop. Finland's gift to community arts!"My dead grandmother always votes for the wrong candidate" made me LOL.

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